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RUN! JUMP! ATTACK! Don't forget to collect the coins too!Alreadyhave too much coins? Upgrade your character! You can alsounlocklevels as you progress higher

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Modern Medicine Woman 4.5.0 APK
We hear a lot of stories about peoplechangingtheir lives dramatically but not necessarily for the goodfor allconcerned, in the name of spirituality. For eg. people wholeavetheir families (including small children) to go with whotheybelieve are their twin souls, or people who leave theirjobswithout any financial backup thinking they must live a‘spiritual’life (read: go with the emotional flow type of life)even thoughthere are mouths to feed and bills to pay.What is it with using spiritual excuses that people findsoappealing?A lot of the times these ‘spiritual’ excuses appeal a greatdealto one’s inner child’s whims and fancies. To most people theythinkthat being in touch with the inner child means being spiritualandthat it also means doing whatever the inner child wants.But would you allow your child to do what your child wantseventhough you know it is bad for her? There is a time and placetoallow the inner child to come out and play. There is also atimeand place to discipline your inner child such as when she tellsyoushe wants to drink coke for breakfast.Unfortunately for many spiritual people they see discipline asabad thing, and in fact, many feel it is not spiritual to leadadisciplined life.How else do they think the great spiritual masters achievedtheirmastery, if not through discipline?I am not surprised when I meet lay people who are are turnedoffby spiritual people. They say that these spiritual people whoaresupposed to be front runners in transforming the world areactuallyrunning away from the world and their responsibilities.I am also not surprised that more and more people who trulywantto fulfil their mission are now moving into the mainstream,becausethey see the value they can share with others who are notyet‘awakened’. And they also find themselves learning a lot morefromlife itself by not using spiritual excuses to run away fromthechallenges.I have always remembered these words of Master Djwhal Khul,alsoknown as the Tibetan, I am going to paraphrase here: Escapingfromlife on earth is the one of the fastest way to be reincarnatedbackon earth.What this means is there is no escape from our lives on earth.Ifwe do not fulfil them whether it is life’s missionresponsibilities,children and family responsibilities, financialresponsibilities, wewill be back to re-learn the lessons until weget them right.So twin soul or not, wanting to simply live a “go with theflow”type of life or not, there are responsibilities to fulfil. Iftheperson is truly one’s twin soul/flame, they can wait for thenextlife time while one fulfils one’s responsibilities inthislifetime.By all means be as spiritual as you can in mind, body andspirit,but know that there are earthly responsibilities to takecare of aswell while you are still on earth. And theseearthlyresponsibilities are, needless to say part of one’sspirituallessons! Only the wise spiritual practitioner understandsthis.
Lena's Healing Haven 1.0.4 APK
Lena is a master spiritualist. She has a deep knowledge of allspiritual topics and her healing is gentle but powerful. She hastaught others to magnify their healing abilities, connect to theirspirit guides, perfect their intuition and become more enlightened.Her true gifts lie in helping others to fulfill their greatestpotentials
Crescendo 4.5.4 APK
A referral based, breakfast, formalandstructured Business Networking Group. It’s like a ‘BusinessCellGroup’ that specializes in referral programs, made up of peopleofdifferent trades trained and obligated to help one another.Wefocus on friendship and unity as well as business ties.One good thing about this is that, your trade will be unique; noonewill replicate your work. Therefore you won’t have to competeforreferrals. The challenge on your part is that itrequirescommitment, and it takes time for you to expose yourselfand buildtrust in the circle. This system has potential to helpyourbusiness a great deal.
Ideas People 1.0.3 APK
Ideas People app is ideal for participants of events organised byIAS. It allows you to interact with organizers, Speakers and accessinformation regarding the events among other things.The IASorganises educational events and programs, celebrates best practice(through award shows – e.g. Effies, APPIES, Hall of Fame Awards)and facilitates the exchange of information and ideas.IAS alsostarted `Career Fair’ in 2014 where students meets the top agencies(creative, PR, Media, Research) for career opportunities.
eChat Bot 1.0 APK
This app will respond to any of your questions. No needofscratching head to write algorithms for NaturalLanguageProcessing! No need to have a server side component forchatmessaging and persisting the messages.Everything is taken caredviaGoogle’s Firebase and API.AI, now its renamed to Dialogflow.Aneasyway to setup a Chatbot in Android platform with FirebaseandDialogflow cloud services. Just few steps to bring yourchatbotalive.FeaturesRealtime response from ChatbotGoogle Sign-InforAuthenticationAdMob and Push Notification supportFirebaseRealtimeDB for persisting chat messagesAPI.AI / Dialogflowintegration forNLP
A Flick Customer 3.0 APK
A-Flick Pte Ltd invested in an integrated system such as PaperlessService Reports and Monitoring Method which provide Clients withinstant control. Our Vision is to become Singapore's FastestGrowing Pest Control Company and to build a long lastingrelationship with our clients by assisting them in solving theirpest control matters.
Zombie Hunter 1.0 APK
RUN! JUMP! ATTACK! Don't forget to collect the coins too!Alreadyhave too much coins? Upgrade your character! You can alsounlocklevels as you progress higher
eTechnology Centre 1.0.2 APK
The eTech App is meant for clients and prospects of eTechnologyCentre to get quick access to some of the products and servicesprovided. The app also allows eTechnology centre to provide asupport system for its clients.eTechnology Centre is a softwaredevelopment and training company.