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You're a very brave boy who is not afraid ofanything and you are ready to fight with all your strength anddefeat evil? If you've always wanted to bring peace to the universeand you are willing to fight you can't miss this fantastic game ofzombies, where you will become a superman and you'll restore calm.An application with the most real monsters of the planet and withinnovative graphics that will blow you away, try it!

Here you'll find terrifying episodes and countless of paniclevels in which you can prove you're a bold man confronting theevil beings that are invading the world and causing them to putoff. You should be very careful all the time and have the reflexesalert, because these monsters are bodies that one way or anothercan resurrect life and you'll have to kill them completely to makeit through the game. If you're ready for it don't forget to takethe necessary weapons: pistols, machine guns, bombs, grenades,toxic gases ... and others that will make things a little easier tobe victorious in the war. Remember that the deformed heartless willattack mercilessly and without guilt, so look very carefully and beprepared to assault skillfully, train your skills of martial artsand exercise your agility to move more easily and thus end with theevil that is stalking the city.

Your main objective is to defend the people of this attack sothat humanity doesn't become extinct, once you have them closeremember to definitely behead them so they don't revive, be carefulto not be reached, because you could become one of them, win thebattle putting eager and don't fear the traces of blood, Luck!

App Information Zombie Invasion

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    Zombie Invasion
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    July 27, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    100 - 500
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Tienes ganas de vivir una experienciaexclusiva y sentir la adrenalina circulando dentro de tu cuerpo? Sieres un apasionado de los juegos de mesa y a la vez te encanta eldeporte, no te puedes perder esta fantástica oportunidad en la quelo unimos todo para que goces de una versión única y incomparable.Una aplicación hecha para las personas más atrevidas y valientes,aquellas que no tienen miedo a los retos y dispuestas a pasarlo engrande, te atreves?Ha llegado el momento de mostrar tu destreza y habilidad en eltablero, resolviendo el difícil crucigrama y enfrentándote a losrivales más competentes. Entrena muy duro tu modo de pensar,ejercita tu capacidad mental y ensaya repetidamente las jugadaspara no caer en los mismos errores. Demuestra tu don solucionandolos crucigramas y llega al final sin ningún naipe a tu favor,porque sino perderás la partida y tendrás que volver a empezar.Para iniciar una jugada debes saber que siempre necesitarás un as yconseguirlo de cualquier manera si no es el caso. Utiliza todas lascartas del tablón para edificar las cuatro pilas de fichasclasificadas por pintas en orden ascendente. Pero mucho cuidado,para mayor complicación del juego deberás alternar cada naipe conlos dos colores existentes, por ejemplo: 9 rojo, 8 negro...y asísucesivamente con toda la baraja. Disfruta de los nuevos diseños detu deporte favorito y roba carta cuando quedes estancado sin podermover, jugarás sin límite de tiempo así que podrás meditardetenidamente tus desplazamientos.Apuesta dinero en los partidos de fútbol y inserta monedas en lamáquina tragaperras, solo de esta forma llegarás a triunfar y aganar fortuna en este mundo. Deja al público de las gradas y delcasino boquiabierto con tu don y ponte manos a la obra. Muchasuerte campeón!You want to live a uniqueexperience and feel the adrenaline flowing in your body? If you arepassionate about games and yet you love sports, you can not missthis fantastic opportunity in which it all together for you toenjoy a unique and unparalleled version. An application made forthe most daring and courageous people, those who are not afraid ofchallenges and willing to spend big, dare you?It's time to show your skill and ability on the board, resolvingthe difficult crossword and facing the most competent rival. Trainhard your mindset, exercise your mental capacity and repeatedlytested the plays to avoid falling into the same mistakes. Show yourgift solving crossword puzzles and reach the end without card inyour favor, because otherwise lose the game and have to start over.To start a play you should know that always need an ace and get itanyway if not the case. Uses every letter of the board to build thefour stacks ordered by pints in ascending order. But verycarefully, to further complication of the game you must toggle eachcard with the two existing colors, eg red 9, black 8 ... and so onwith all the deck. Enjoy the new designs of your favorite sport andsteals letter when stay stuck unable to move, you will play no timelimit so you can carefully ponder the go.Bet money on football games and insert coins in the slotmachine, only in this way come to succeed and win fortune in thisworld. Leaves audiences stunned the stands and casino with yourgift and get to work. Good luck champ!
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