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Awesome “Zombie” free live wallpaper with bloody zombie girl!|Actual speed of animation depends on device characteristics.| Youmay change animation speed in settings menu.People have always beeninterested in what happens after death.The common people alwaysfeared the dead and their gloomy unknown world.Crossing the lineand going back is always a dangerous experience.Those who died ofviolent death, as well as suicides and drowned people, alwaysaroused suspicion among people.It was believed that their soulcould not rest, that she would suffer for a long time.Such peoplecan return to this earthly world and harm both their offenders andcasual passers-by.The theme of the resurrection of the dead wasreflected in superstitions, mythology, folklore and fiction.Most ofthe stories related to the resurrection teach us to beware of therebels from the dead, they carry evil with them.The origin of theterm "zombies" is for certain unknown, however, it is known thatthe concept came to us from African religious and mystical beliefsand, in particular, from the practice of voodoo.Voodoo is areligious cult related to black magic.Initially, the phenomenon ofzombies was associated with zombification - the subordination ofsomeone else's will with the help of magic.Zombies allegedly usedas a free labor and soldiers who do not have their own intelligenceand selflessly devoted to the owner.Nowadays, people call zombiesthe living dead.Zombies are usually stupid and do not have theirown will.Classic zombies are slow, sluggish, move veryclumsily.Zombies always act collectively, guided by herdinstinct.Their strength is unexpected attacks.There are no specialweaknesses for zombies, they are not afraid of light, crosses, holywater, silver bullets ...Install "Zombie" free live wallpaper andenjoy magnificent spectacle!

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