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Shoot lasers and battle against monsters, destroy them tobuyupgrades! Fight monsters and destroy them to unlock new levels.Seta highscore by blasting as many enemy monsters as possible.FIREDIFFERENT LASER. Blast different lasers, and destroy theenemymonsters! UNLOCK AND PLAY DIFFERENT LEVELS! Master the artofevading and firing by playing different levels! DAY ANDNIGHTLEVELS! Are you brave enough the fight zombies and monsters inthenight. EARN REWARDS AND LEVEL UP. Earn experience to progressyourplayer level and unlock new levels. UPGRADE YOUR CHARACTER.Userewards to buy upgrades for your character. COLLECT POWERUPS.Collect powers ups to increase fire rate or movement speedSIMPLECONTROLS, SIMPLY FUN. Two joysticks, one for walking and oneforfiring your weapons. FEATURES: - Day and night levels -Fighthordes of monsters - Different lasers - Easy touch controls -Winrewards and to progress your player level - Fire and evadetheenemy monsters - Different levels to choose from - What willyourhighscore be in the different levels?

App Information Fantasy Monster Shooter - Arcade Game

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    Fantasy Monster Shooter - Arcade Game
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    March 19, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    TrendVer Studio
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