1.1 / September 17, 2014
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Discover the craziest drag-racing gamesevercreated for your device! Are you ready for some crazyzombieaction? Customize your own character appearance, race withyourzombie at various locations, collect your favorite skillsandchallenge your opponents for more unlocks and rewards!

You can customize your racer zombie with different kind ofbodytypes, accessories and weapons. In addition boosters notonlylooking good, but gives you more speed on the track

Many different unlockable racing skills (speed up, dirtytricks,avoidance, etc.). Select your own skill setting in order todefeatyour opponents.

Race against rich variety of opponents on 4 differentlocations.Each opponent has different strength and weak point,thereforeyou’ll need to select your skills wisely. Challengingfinal racesagainst the boss of the land.

- Easy gameplay, even for kids
- Character customization
- Breathtaking 3D graphics
- Amazing racing challenges
- Dozens of powerful epic skills
- Tournaments on unique places
- Boosters for more velocity

App Information Zombie Run Mania

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Potion Blast Mania 3.03 APK
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Discover one of the most magical puzzle game ever created for yourdevice! Take an adventure with Vilendor the great wizard throughthe pages of his mysterious storybook. On your journey match andcollect magic potions to defeat your enemies with your spells andsuccessfully complete the different challenges! The fun andadventure is guaranteed, it is only you missing here!Key features:-Breathtaking graphics- Easy and fun to play, but challenge to fullymaster- Over 80 magical levels- Exciting boss battles- Boosters andspells to help with those challenging levels- Compete with yourfriends via FacebookThe game is completely free to play. Howeverplayers have the opportunity to improve their performance byinvesting in different in-game items such as extra moves, lives orother boosters.
Snail Derby 1.12 APK
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Discover the cutest drag-racing games ever created for your device!Are you ready for some crazy snail action? Customize your owncharacter appearance, race with your snail at various locations,collect your favorite skills and challenge your opponents for moreunlocks and coin rewards! CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATIONYou can customizeyour racer snail with different kind of body types, adornments andshells. In addition boosters not only looking good, but gives youmore speed on the track VARIETY OF SKILLSMany different unlockableracing skills (speed up, dirty tricks, avoidance, etc.). Selectyour own skill setting in order to defeat your opponents.TOURNAMENTSRace against rich variety of opponents on 4 differentlocations. Each opponent has different strength and weak point,therefore you’ll need to select your skills wisely. Challengingfinal races against the boss of the land. KEY FEATURES- Easygameplay, even for kids- Character customization- Breathtaking 3Dgraphics- Amazing racing challenges- Dozens of powerful epicskills- Tournaments on unique places- Boosters for more velocity
Assault Commando 2 1.1 APK
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Finally the sequel has arrived! Play againwithJack Gunfire, the hero who saved the world many times beforein thisnew 3D action-based Rambo-style shooter, The AssaultCommando 2.Last time you eliminated Albrecht Braun, the madscientist anddestroyed his diabolic machine, but now you have toface much moredangerous missions!Take out enemy targets, destroy hidden bases, eliminatethehigh-profile targets to complete the objective in locationsaroundthe world!Blast your way through challenging levels, equipped with anarsenalof weapons, riding ridiculously destructive vehicles!If you're looking for an exciting shooter game, don't hesitatetopush the download button! But remember Jack Gunfure'stworules:1. Shoot everything that moves.2. Never run out of ammo.High-end, immersive gameplay!Assault Commando 2 contains the followings:- Intuitive handling- Character improvements- A dozen of levels- Four difficulty levels- Controlling of different type of vehicles- Epic boss battles- Destructible environment and traps- Besides the Campaign mode, there is an “Arena” game mode,whereyou can compete with other players.- Breath-taking graphics.For questions or support: we are here to help, please visitoursupport sitehttp://www.cellular-bits.com/index.php/games/contactto contactus.Created with Unity 4.5.3. Portions of this program © 2005-2015UnityTechnologies.Assault Commando 2 is free to play, but you can choose to payrealmoney for some extra items.FOLLOW US athttps://twitter.com/CellularBitshttps://www.facebook.com/TheCellularBits
Assault Commando 1.01 APK
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Finally, the iPhone classic Assault Commando, the (sometimesliterally) mindblowing 3D shooter game has arrived to your Androiddevice! You are Jack Gunfire, and your goal is to eliminateAlbrecht Braun, the mad scientist who of course wants to destroythe world with his diabolic machine. Your mission started outpretty roughly, as your chopper crashed in the middle of the SouthAmerican jungle (the guy who said "Get to da choppa" was clearlywrong). Some would feel uncomfortably about such a situation, butnot Jack Gunfire!Blast your way through 5 challenging levels,equipped with an arsenal of weapons, riding ridiculouslydestructive vehicles!If you're looking for an exciting shootergame, don't hesitate to push the download button! But remember JackGunfure's two rules:1. Shoot everything that moves.2. Never run outof ammo.Features:- Challenging and addictive, with 3 differentdifficulty levels- Awesome retro graphics- Intuitive controls-Destructible environment- Finger-breaking boss-battles. Hell, youcan even fight a GIANT MECH, what more do you want?!
Gravity-X 1.0 APK
Cellular Bits
The Gravity-X is the most addictivespacechallenge of the Store, that puts your spatial awarenessanddexterity to the ultimate test!Explore the Galaxy with your spaceship! The goal of the gameisto reach the Dock from the Start point without crashing orrunningout of fuel. If you are skillful enough, you can rescueastronautswho are lost in the space, but be careful, because theendlessspace is filled with dangerous obsetacles, such as blackholes,suns, asteroids, solar winds etc - Try to avoid them and Testyourprecision, style, and skill in 43 unique levels of4constellations.To drive the spaceship you only have to tap the screen withyourfinger, but be careful, because the gravity is tricky!Game Features:- Breathtaking graphics- Easy and fun to play, but challenge to fully master- Over 4 exciting constellations and 43 unique levels
Dark Castle: Halloween 1.0 APK
Cellular Bits
The haunted castle comes to life when thenight falls - are you brave enough to explore its dark secrets? Inthe light of the full moon you shall delve into your scariestnightmares. When it's foggy and cloudy creepy creatures appear tofrighten everybody. Just be careful not to get noticed.Main features:- Support for landscape and portrait screen orientations- Clouds and fog crawling- A shady witch can be spotted sometimes- A ghost haunting the castle yard- Light of the moon and the stars- All these features can be customized
PicMania 1.2 APK
Cellular Bits
If you like the funny and challenging brain games then you have totry the PicMania – it’s an interesting word puzzle game in whichyour goal is to find words that fit to the shown picture.Each wordis a crossword puzzle hidden in a picture and if you solve one wordyou will unlock another letter, gradually unraveling the entirepuzzle.PicMania contains the followings:- Free game- Easy to play-More than 250 levels and more are coming!- Hundreds of words andpictures- Translated in 3 languages: English, Hungarian, German andmore are coming!For questions or support: we are here to help,please visit our support sitehttp://www.cellular-bits.com/index.php/games/contact to contactus.Created with Unity 5.3.3 Portions of this program © 2005-2015Unity Technologies.PicMania is free to play, but you can choose topay real money for some extra items.FOLLOW USathttps://twitter.com/CellularBitshttps://www.facebook.com/TheCellularBits
Escape - The Zombie Run 1.1 APK
Cellular Bits
Try out this new addictive game where youhaveto escape the hungry zombies! Swipe your finger up and downtoavoid obstacles, and be the One who can avoid being their dinner!Main Features:- Challenging and addictive- Lots of fun- Compete with your friends and other survivors on thegloballeaderboard- Unlock achievements as you run further and further