1.0 / March 28, 2016
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Zombie Shooter is a first person shootinggamefor smartphone

App Information Zombie Shooter Death: 2016

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    Zombie Shooter Death: 2016
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    March 28, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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  • Installs
    10 - 50
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Dinosaur Hunter Deadly Shooter : Jungle Hunting 3D 1.2 APK
Dinosaur Hunter Deadly ShooterMillions of years ago, dinosaursappeared and ruled the earth for about 135 million years until anextinction event came to wipe out them. They were of several kindsand prehistoric reptiles that lived during the Era of Reptiles.Dinosaurs were dominant, powerful and unchallenged for years asthey were known as power rangers. They were impregnable andobstinate on the front of every danger and combat. Suppose, ifhistory repeats itself and dinosaurs came back. Would we defeatthem or face their wilderness that doesn’t not care whose life it’ssqueezing.Game PlanIn this game, you would face a deadly junglehunt but at another amazing level. The lethal command of Junglewill not forgive you, so you need to be agile, proactive andgallant to battle in this game of dominance. If you would notfight, you will be at mercy just like an afternoon snack whoseflesh will be eaten by dinos. So compete for your glory and winthis contest or become a prey of this cruel hunter.Dinosaur HunterDeadly Shooter will give you a closer glimpse of fierceVelociraptor with 3D effects. Featured with surprising graphics,true-to-life animations, and incredible environment, the deadlyshooter game will provide you real-time adventure and thrill.Secure your talent, grab your power, use your instinct and juststrap in, you are hunting dinosaurs now. You sniper gun is youronly aid and friend, so use it on time and competently. You have topractice well to ensure your hunting skills. This hunter missionwill glue your eyes to your mobile screen and excite you everymoment.These T-rex monsters will frighten you with their undulatinganimosity but you have to survive as long as you can. Be certainabout your success and furnish yourself with an armory of weaponsand endurance to face and defeat the Dino predator ardently andfearlessly.Salient Features1. Hunt ruthless Dinosaur influx withsniper and influence.2. challenge yourself and break your ownpersonal best scores while playing ‘Infinite Mode’ 3. Use mobilesettings to customized your responsive options 4. Ask your friendsto beat your score by uploading your number on social media5. Nailyour supremacy with explicit gaming experience and Google Play.6.Keep records of your achievements in this deadly game and makeunbreakable records against the brutal dinos.
Zombie Shooter Death: 2016 1.0 APK
Zombie Shooter is a first person shootinggamefor smartphone
Hill Bike Stunts: Racing 1.5 APK
Hill Bike Stunts Racing is the best offroad moto riding game withinsane and stunt action new 2016One of the best and challengingbike stunts 3D on display, you would ever come across with. Rideyour bike in spectacular environment with great controls andrealistic bike physics and suspension. Enjoy the bike stunts gameas a rider in different environments, TOP GAME FEATURE:- Realisticand smooth bike physics and suspension.- Different bikes withunrealistic crazy upgrades through coins collection.- Numerouslevels and environments perfectly tailored for this hill climbracing- Free fun guaranteed.- Crazy Cool stunts, wheelies andfront-flips in this race.- Quality Graphics- Moto Racing: Stickmantrials- Addictive gameplay- Playable for any device includingtablets- Several amazing well designed tracks and more free trackscoming soon
Offroad Truck Hill Racing 4x4 1.4 APK
Now experience inciting entertainment of live Monster Truck StuntRider, straight to your tablet, PC or mobile phone round the clock.This is an exciting, crazy and dynamic mobile game and will notallow you to relive until you would not create havoc anddestruction in each obstacle and barriers. Monster Truck Rider ispurposely built with extremely large wheels and suspension adjacentmotocross, mud bogging, tractor pulls and car-eating androidfeatures. This game will make you crazy while crushing smallervehicles, challenging hurdles, and over the most, man-maderestrictions. Monster Truck is equipped with remote shut-offswitches to escape you from an accident and uncertain danger butcommands you to do maximum destruction during fast-speed racing.Monster Truck Stunt Rider will climb hills, smash through topbarriers, jump like a jet and race in freestyle.Monster Trick willcross dangerous and deadly tracks, accompanying hills, jumps, andbridges. The game has many challenging levels which you can unlockwhile competing with friends and family. However, smooth flow anddrastic controls force you to accomplish high levels and scoresthat will be absolutely impractical. Experience realistic soundsand feel havoc and destruction of a massive level with excellentaudio and visuals effects. Monster Truck Stunt Rider is also racingwith Xperia Play gamepad to provide you ultimate thrill ofdestruction where only crazy things are powerful and rule theworld.Features1. Fan favorite thrill, recreating in breathtakingdetail and full elaborated training.2. Classic Monster Truck tocompete for monsters antagonists.3. Release your Monster TruckStunt rider in unusual HD environment.4. Unique and destructivemodes of the game.5. Smooth controls and excellent graphics.6.Featured with new contents, modes, explosive levels and newcircumstances7. The enormous variety of score levels such as hillclimbs, precision stage, loop-the-loops and much more.8. Customizeddashboards, easy methods with separate boards.9. Outstandingresolution and play mood, run on every device.10. 100% free to playbeginning levels.
Sniper Killer Elite: Shooting 1.3 APK
Keep your breath and pull the trigger of Sniper in the real-worldof action, shooting, and war. With 3D graphics and true-to-lifesound effects, Sniper Killer Elite shooting will give youinvigorating experience to complete this mission of fight. You area sniper who is performing his duty but not an assassin, you haveto rescue your people from terrorists. Use you instinct andammunition wisely and kill the insane assassins of Americans. Keepdistance from your enemies before they get a chance to aim at you,you have to begin the invasion and aim for head-shot. Theterrorists are not aware of your presence, so take advantage andshot carefully as there is no turning back, once the fight getsbegun. When you will kill one of your enemies, that moment willdetermine your resolution and shooting skills. Focus on your aim,you have to release the hostages which have been caught by theseterrorists. Remember, you are sniper shooter and this is an eliteshooting, you have to combat terrorists who are sheltered by themountains. Although, you are a one-man army, you have to rescueyour people.Take aim and shoot, you are a Sniper Killer of EliteShooting. So, follow your pursuit and blow your enemy’s tank,helicopter, and modern ammo. Over the top of everything, you are amodern sniper, taking the whirlwind round of criminal world butequipped with modern artillery to perform your duty against thedangerous attacks and assassin’s missions. Defeat the mob of yourenemies and bring them down to your knees while taking the highlevel of target shooting. You have access to the army, sniperrifles, assault rifles, A-K 47. Moreover, your gun will be loadedautomatically, so aim once for the head-shoot but perfectly to stayaway from the assault. You have to use your skills to finish thismission as this is the time of action only and no diplomacy. Youare the best sniper of your army and has an assigned duty to killterrorists wherever they hide. Don’t think that it is a game onlyas you have no room for regret, so just shoot at the head and killyour enemy.This game needs strong instinct, extreme enthusiasm, andsniper shooting skills. Sniper Killer Elite: shooting will amazeyou with 3D effects which you never presumes in a war or shootinggame. So, immerse yourself in this battle and shoot your enemies tokill. Stand up with great head-shots, displaying in great visualeffects and fantastic graphics. Sharp you skill set and personalizeyour weapon in this shooting game as a qualified army sniper.Prepare yourself for this assault and get ready to shoot and kill.Try this game on multiplayer mode and experience the thrill andaction of one-man war but don’t forget to rate and share this gamewith friends and social media.Game Features:1. Featured withinnumerable assassins, shooters, and killers.2. Use your sniper gunto aim at terrorists from a distance3. Kill the enemy with zoom inand zoom out features if required.4. Ultra-realistic 3D graphics.5.The stunning locations of combat mapped with mountains and armytanks and helicopters.6. Incredible visual effects that will bringexcitement and thrill of war action.7. Sniper Killer Elite Shootinghas multiple levels of enemies to attain unchallenging score.8.Countless barriers, armed vehicles, terrorists and many moreclasses of terrorists.9. personalized your modern sniper-gun, makea strategy to shoot and kill.10. Get extra awards by connectingwith the game community with more contests and combats.
Army Sniper Mission Impossible - Gun Shooter War 1.3 APK
Army Sniper Mission Impossible is best new game of FPS (FirstPerson Shooter) for free on android play store. It’s one of the topnew thrilling game where you are playing a role of Army Sniper within your city instead of being a front line commando, your enemy isvery clever and had a new strategy to cause destruction inside themain city of your State. Enemy strategy is to deploy terroriststhru helicopters by dropping them down with in city to abrupt theengine of your State and country as terrorist are master inskydiving. So its call of duty as your enemy is in form ofterrorists is in front of you who wants to wage a real battleagainst your countrymen within your territory. You have toencounter his strategy with your modern sniper guns andextraordinary sniper shooting skills by killing those Heli fallingterrorist team in the air or on the ground. You have to act fastwith extraordinary decision making skills to kill those enemy’strained extremist & radicals who are especially trained forgruella war missions as well. In this call duty game, helicopterused is not equipped with Gunship weapons so employ your ultimatesniper shooting skills to gun down terrorist in the Air to minimizecivil causalities on your state territory in this silence assassinmission.Being an expert Army Sniper shooter you have to defendyourselves to avoid being killed as your life is more important tosurvive to conclude the army mission successfully in this targetshooting game where value of your each bullet is shoot to kill anenemy like a hitman sniper. If you aim right at target preferablyas a headshot the enemy’s troops could be killed on first shot andthere will be less possibility for them to wage a counter strike atyou in this battle of Glory.You have to act fast with extraordinarysniper shooting and decision-making skills to kill thoseterrorists. Who are trained extremist and radicals whom areespecially train for guerilla warfare missions as well. Helicopterhas no Gunship weapons so use your ultimate sniper shooting skillsto gun down terrorist in the Air to minimize civil hostage andhostile conditions on your Home state territory in this silence 3dassassin mission.Encounter the commando gunship war zone combatmissions, in this free offline FPS (first person shooter game). Youmight have played games like elite Commando warfare game, eliteCommando gunship adventure, 3D Sniper killing, Sniper assassinshooting, Commando mission frontline combat, Army base air attack,Military camp infantry invasion, Army cargo hill climb, Militarygunship heli aviation war, War attack commando games.This ArmySniper Mission Impossible game is real life frontline battle zonewith advance multiple military weapons and different battle elitezone. It is a whole pack of Special mission based, heavy gunshipair fighting, and military attack air base game.Download ArmySniper Mission Impossible for best FPS experience of your life. Thegame has all the features that a warfare game player desire. Proofyourself in this Army Sniper Mission Impossible game.It’s not amission impossible you just have to AIM and Shoot at right time andcan win against those fanatics while defending your territory andmake this Army Mission a mission possible and successful.There aretotal four modern sniper guns in game where first of them is freewhile rest can be unlocked by attaining the required coins else youmay watch a rewarded video to earn coins.Download now “Army SniperMission Impossible 3D” -> Enjoy the Sniper Shooting -> Killthe Enemies -> Save Human being -> Save Country and “DefeatEnemy”. GAME FEATURES1. First person shooter game.2. Dual playingmode (Tap & Tilt controls).3. Four ultra modern Sniper Guns.4.Rewarded video to earn free coins.5. Amazing quality sound andmusic.6. Most Realistic 3D Game.7. Stunning design and realisticmake up of game.8. Thrilling game story.
Car Drift Simulator Legendary: Car Driving 3D 2018 1.2 APK
Car Drift Simulator Legendary: Car Driving 3D 2018 is drifting ofcars in the best 3d tracks. You have the Car for Drift simulator 3dyou are the best drifter for playing this best car drifting game.This drifting game of car drifting simulator is the best driftinggame of drifter.Drift Racing: Car Driving Pro is best free driftinggame that gives you a unique pleasure in handling 4x4 sports carsby simple & instinctive way. Drift racing also gives you amatchless experience in the handling of most modern cars by thesimple and the challenging way on USA highway instead of on offroad.You just get ready to drive high performance 4x4 turbo cars tomake top quality drifts at high speed on tracks designed for driftracing, with a wide range of racing cars all ready for drift raceand a number of race tracks to compete on this stylish and excitingdrift race game. Everybody will surely love to play for hours andhours but you have to be much trained racing car driver to makereal drift car racing and blow off the engine valve with fullspirit and courage.Play this free android racing game and be readyto discharge dark smoke while drifting on multiple roadways to skidand leave the mark on highway with your full spirits andpassion.Drift safely on track to avoid your sports car crash butdon’t attempt street racing, your car engine & transmission arefull of power & energy so you will not be able to control it instreet racing, Be a real drifter and not a drag racer or streetracer. Game has special feature of slow motion drift button forslow car drifting view.If you are really enthusiastic about driftracing game than this game is for you.Burn your tire on eachdrifting track.Earn best drifting trophy by showing your topdriving skills.GAME FEATURES 1. Unique classical sports carmodels2. Easy to learn a challenge to be skillful3. Completely newfree game of 20184. Realistic Drift Car Physics with turboengine.5. Addictive Game play6. High Quality 3D graphics Cool gamewith Smooth Graphics7. Awesome cars and track to explore8.Interactive Sounds & background music.9. Multiple tracks withSmooth Interfaces.This drift simulator and best simulation game isthe best Lamborghini aventador simulator and BMW M3 E46 Cardrifting game. You have drifting with vw scirocoo and city highwayracing game and car city racing drifter and dessert car rally carracing game. Car Drift Simulator Legendary: Car Driving 3D 2018 isthe best car driving simulator and cra Dubai drift simulator anddrift games and car drift simulator. This is the best drifting limogame. This Car Drift Simulator Legendary: Car Driving 3D 2018 isthe best simulation game you have the different types of cars andyou can change the colors of best 3d drifting cars and bestsimulation car of sim. You are having the best experience to drivethe best drifting simulator.
Dinosaur Hunter Sniper Shooter 1.0 APK
Get ready for the best hunting adventureofyour life in the Jurassic locations. Hunt deadly dinosaurs inthisaction packed dinosaur game, Dino Hunter – Sniper Shooting. Inthemost realistic environments, breath taking graphics and realtimesound effects you get to hunt them all alone.