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▼The time for the rescue has come! The world has been waiting for asavior who will stop the spreading zombie invasion and prevent itfrom turning into an apocalypse! If you want to earn the prize forthe rescuer of the human race that has been infested by the ragingzombie animals, play the ultimate ▼Zombie Shooter Defense Game▼free for Android™ and enjoy the never ending adventure. Downloadthe app right now and see why this is one of the best free shootinggames you have ever played!▼ ➤Watch out! Zombie enemies areattacking you in waves! ➤Confront your enemies: bears, racoons,rabbits, pigs; ➤Touch the screen to shoot, slide to firecontinuously; ➤Thirty stages with experience levels; ➤Three typesof bosses; ➤Four different types of turrets; ➤Get a treasure chestwith turrets for killing bosses after 10 completed stages; ➤Choosean upgrade for each level: health, damage or fire rate; ➤HQgraphics and amusing sound effects; ➤One of the best zombie gamesfree with levels and missions! ▼In the darkness of the night,bloodthirsty zombie animals have risen from the graveyard and keepsurrounding you from all sides. They come in waves and their onlygoal is to destroy everything that comes in their way. It's time todefend your village and rage against the persistent zombie attacks!There's no place for mere despairing, talking 'zombies ate myfriends' and doing nothing. Now's the time for revenge! Do you havewhat it takes to become the ultimate zombie smasher and bring hopeback to your citizens? If you think you do, prove it by playing oneof the newest free shooting games. ▼Zombie Shooter Defense Game▼ isone of the coolest games for boys that brings thrilling andexcitement throughout the entire time of playing and also one ofthe most fun games for girls with a cute girl hero who's about tobecome the most powerful zombie hunter. A free shooting game thatwill absolutely exceed all your expectations! ▼By overcoming allobstacles on the zombie highway you'll prove you're a true citydefender. Outstanding graphics, interesting and easy gameplay andsimple one touch controls make this free tower defense gameappropriate even for kids as it doesn't involve extreme violence.The gameplay combines elements of “shooting games” and TD gameswith lots of interesting turrets that can be upgraded depending onthe achievements. Play one of the most addicting shooting defensegames for free and have infinite fun. Kill zombies before they killyou – the craziest adventure is about to begin! All you have to dois download this zombie tower defense game for free! ▼Who doesn'tlove to play cool shooting games? Similar to other zombie defensegames, yet very unique and innovative, the new ▼Zombie ShooterDefense Game▼ abounds in lots of interesting stages and experiencelevels, powerful turrets and ammunition and various settings. Bearin mind this is a must have app for all fans of free “zombie games”and players of all ages. Grab the chance to play it whenever youwant on your Android or tablet device – download this “zombiedefense” – zombie game free immediately. Pick up your weapons andwipe the enemy out! Prove to your friends you can stop the ragingzombie tsunami by playing one of the most exciting zombie animalhunting games free today! ▼This completely new type of defenseshooting games is bound to become a favorite pastime for kids, forteens and adults. Finding fun free games for your phone has neverbeen easier. You're finally on the right spot and you don't have tolook further. One of the best zombie games for kids is just a clickaway from you! Download the app for Android, keep playing our coolsuper games and remember they will always be absolutely free foryou. ▼Zombie Shooter Defense Game▼ from 2014 is just one of them!

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    Zombie Shooter Defense Game
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    October 30, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Byteweaver Games
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Spread the word of God with ✞ Bible Quiz 3D - Religious Game ✞ Geton a missionary journey and help the priests all over the worldbaptize as many unbelievers and turn them into Christians! Downloadthis fun quiz game and answer the questions from Holy Bible to helpas many followers embrace the love of God and become truebelievers! Play against other missionaries and see who will finishall baptism ceremonies first!Get this educative quiz Bible triviaand help your children learn more about the Holy Book throughplaying and fun! By answering these interesting quiz questionsabout Bible verses and characters kids will learn more about theirreligion and accept God while playing Bible games! This Bibleapplication is great for the whole family and it's perfect forteaching kids Christianity at Sunday School (Sabbath School).✣Choose from 4 offered answers: A, B, C or D!✣ Each time you answera question you spend 1 energy point!✣ You get one energy point each2 minutes!✣ Answer the question correctly to travel around theworld!✣ You have 4 attempts to give the correct answer, choose thecorrect answer from the first try to travel the longer distance! ✣Use helps to pass the longer distance than your opponents: doublethe length of the distance you can pass or remove one wronganswer!✣ Use traps to decrease the progress of your opponents: slowdown all other players or prevent the leading player from answeringone question!✣ Collect tokens with angel wings and use them oncrossroads to take the shortcut!✣ Log in with Facebook or createyour player profile!✣ Lots of interesting achievements andintegrated leaderboard!✣ Purchase in-apps to get more helps, trapsand unlimited energy! Bible Quiz 3D - Religious Game tests yourknowledge on Bible trivia in a very fun way. Your goal in this gameis to be the first of four players (missionaries) who will visitall the Orthodox and Catholic churches and Jewish Synagogs. Bygiving correct answers to Bible quiz questions you will travel thelonger distance. Not only that you can learn new facts on biblicalcharacters, but you can also learn something new on the history ofarts, since there are lots of questions containing religiouspaintings in this highly educative quiz game. A Christianmissionary is commissioned by the Lord to make disciples, followersof Christ. Jesus commands all Christians to share the Gospel, themessage of His death and resurrection that conquered the penaltyand power of sin.A Christian missionary proclaims Jesus as Saviorand Lord. They do more than evangelism. The commission was to makedisciples, not immature believers. Thus, a Christian missionary’soutreach involves evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.These main goals are accomplished in a variety of ways: streetpreaching, church building, Bible studies, etc.Bible apps andquizzes are a great way to learn new things about the Holy Book ofChristianity! They are always with you, in your mobile phone!Playing Christian games is the most entertaining way to embrace thefaith and Gods love, and this amazing “religious game” for kids andadults is perfect for gaining new knowledge on the largest religionin the world! ✞ Did you know that the name of the first five booksof the Old Testament is Pentateuch? ✞ Did you know that Davidkilled Goliath with a sling and a stone? ✞ How many Proverbs andPsalms did Solomon write?Get this educative quiz game for free andsee how well you know the facts from the Old Testament and NewTestament, facts about Noah, Moses, Jesus and his apostles, VirginMary and other characters of the Bible! Answer the quiz questionsabout Biblical figures and facts about Bible prophecies of theApocalypse and Armageddon and test your knowledge of the holy bookof the Christians! Download “Bible Quiz” 3D - Religious Game onyour smartphone, and have fun playing one of the best Bible quizzesfor Android TM. *Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
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Have a blast making our crazy monkey friend Bobo run, jump, andswing on vines through the wilderness of Temple Island! If youloved to play “Monkey Kong Run” and “Jungle Run”, new sequel -Banana Island: Temple Kong Run is here to take you on anunforgettable monkey flight! Enter the wild monkey world and runlike hell in the latest Banana Island platform runninggame!✰FEATURES✰Never-ending parkour temple quest!Most stunninglevel design ever seen in platform games!Eye-popping cartooncharacters!Angry monkey enemies!Run, jump and swing on vines tocollect coins!Buy additional lives and enjoy in endless freerun!✰SIMPLE TAP CONTROLS✰Power Jump - Tap to jump, Tap & Holdfor an extra long jump!Mega Glide - When in air, Tap & Hold toglide through the clouds!Super Drop - When in air, slide down todrop faster and kill baboon enemies around you!Dash through thewilderness of Temple Island, dodge spikes and other deadlyobstacles and perform an insane monkey attack to smash angry baboonenemies! You'll have hours of fun on the joyride through monkeyisland in this ultra fun parkour adventure!Get ready to get hookedon the most addicting monkey runner game! Go on an epic junglejourney with our ape friend Bobo and get addicted to this awesomemonkey running game for kids! If your little ones love to playjumping games and you're looking for platform jumping arcade forkids, “Banana Island”: Temple Kong Run is the perfect free endlessrunner for you!You've already played all of the collect and rungames with old grannies, zombies, and other monsters on their racesthrough temples, subways, and villages? This cool 2D side scrollerbanana run will take you on an unforgettable adventure quest! Proveyou're an ultimate monkey ninja, run, jump, smash & dashthrough Temple Island, swing on vines and get caught into bananafrenzy that's raging all over the world!Banana jungle hides manyenemies with powerful weapons, jetpack powerups and other upgrades!Fight angry baboons and gorillas, swing on vines and fly like abird through the clouds, dodge obstacles, enter the jungle survivaland beat'em up in this mega jump n run quest! So, if you're lookingfor banana rush monkey games, Banana Island: Temple Kong Run is thebest side scrolling running game that will take you on a fun runthrough the crazy monkey village!Run monkey, run! Blast evilbaboons and gorillas, and help our little monkey go happy! MakeBobo the monkey swing on vines and blast his enemies in this epicjungle monkey saga! Download Banana Island: Temple Kong Run and allother action and arcade games for kids will become dull and boring!
Ultimate Ninja Run Game 2.7 APK
Run ninja, run! Download amazing 'Ultimate Ninja Run Game' for freeand save the people of Ancient Japan! One ninja is ready toconfront the evil shogun and his daimyos that are spreading fearand darkness all over the country. Can you help him fight againstninja assassins and end their bloodthirsty reign? Get this jumpinggame for kids and adults and help the last ninja warrior save allthe people of Ancient Japan!- Story of the Ninja – A long time ago,in the province of Iga, there was a peasant boy who dreamed ofbecoming a shinobi. After losing his parents in a plague, an oldninja master from an Iga clan found him and taught him everythinghe knew. The little boy became the ultimate ninja warrior, and nowhis mission is to free the people from an evil shogun!To save thepeople of Japan, you must find and defeat all evil daimyos thathave been stealing from peasants and torturing them for years.After defeating each one of them, he must collect coins and givethem back to the poor. Escape from the village as fast as you canto earn bonus coins for the hungry peasants!Use jumps to escape thetown faster (single jump, double jump and power jump)!Use powerdash to get an instant speedup and destroy all the obstacles infront of you!Collect power-ups that allow you to run faster andsmash all the obstacles on your way!4 types of shinobi enemies –use your ninja sword or jump on them to destroy them - find the wayto defeat each one of them!Defeat as many enemies in a row to getcombos!Wearing ninja costumes is not enough to make a ninja! Getthis extremely fun game for and see if you are skilful enough todefeat evil shogun and his daimyos, and win this ninja war! Ifyou're looking for action games to play with your kids you'll bemore than amazed with 'Ultimate Ninja Run Game'! Run out of ideasfor spending some quality time with your family? Get this free kidsgame and provide your children with hours of fun! It will keep yourlittle boy or girl entertained so that you can have some free timefor yourself!Looking for some “ninja game” to play when you'rebored? This side scrolling 2D Platformer is the perfect choice foryou! Get it right away and become a master in this excitingfighting game! Stunning graphics, addictive twitch gameplay andinnovative, but simple controls with finger gestures for specialmoves, which are highly responsive, make playing 'Ultimate NinjaRun Game' so much amusing and easy! Discover an enjoyable andexciting gaming experience with the best mobile app for truegamers!With this application for Android you can have a great timewaiting for a bus, or during a lunch break! No matter where youare, you can always grab your phone and enter into the world ofAncient Japan with this free app!Perfect ninja game for adults andkids! Everyone will enjoy playing this game for Android! No matterwhether you are an experienced gamer or you simply love to playgames from time to time, you will find this addictive game veryamusing and you'll definitely enjoy playing it!Download thisaddicting hack and slash game for free and enjoy playing it on yoursmartphone or tablet! This entertaining mobile app is an idealpastime for everybody, and above all it's completely free! Try itout now! Fun and addiction guaranteed!
Banana Island –Monkey Kong Run 2.0 APK
Are you ready for the craziest jungle run of your life? Meet Boboand help him battle the evil baboons who captured his girlfriend!Slide, rush, and dash across tons of obstacles in this crazy freerunning and jumping game! Download ★ Banana Island - Monkey KongRun ★ and collect all the banana coins! Get your move on now!FEATURES:Majestic level design! Simple tap controls!Crazy baboonenemies!Run, jump, and collect coins! Buy additional lives!You'retired of grannies, zombies, and temple races, right? It's time forinnovation! This jungle monkey runner is always racing forward, andyour job is to jump and avoid obstacles, battle your enemies, andcollect coins. So, let's kick off this crazy “monkey run” adventurequest together! We guarantee you that this awesome 2d side scrollerrunning game will give you an awesome bounty ride! Classic arcade“run and jump games” were extremely popular in the 90s, and nowthey are making a huge comeback. So, buckle up and prepare for thebest monkey flight ever! Race through majestic environments on themonkey island full of bananas and crazy baboons. Breathtakinggraphics and simple swipe controls will follow you on a “junglerun” of your life! This 2d side scrolling arcade platformerprovides you with an interesting gameplay and dynamic physics. Thebounty monkey will run jump and collect coins through picturesquelevels, each with its own unique design. Moreover, he'll get achance to buy extra lives and stay longer in the game! So, don'thesitate! Ride in the jungle island and battle all your enemies!Your girlfriend is waiting, so hurry up and fight for her life!Kong, the cruel baboon king, has kidnapped Bobo's girlfriend,beautiful Lilly. Therefore, our happy monkey has to leave his cozy“banana island” and go on a mega running adventure in order to saveher. She's waiting in the dark Temple, so hurry up! You have tojump and run across platforms, and fight all the bad guys! Beatthem up like a pro and show them who is the fastest runner in thejungle. Get ★ Banana Island - Monkey Kong Run ★ for free right nowand experience the blast of fun! If you're a fan of rpg parkourgames and free ape running, you're at the right place. “Running andjumping games” with jungle animals are totally 'in' right now, sobecome a racer and collect as many banana coins as you can. Don'tlet king Kong and his angry baboons win the battle – arm yourselfwith bounty jumping and let the monkey racing begin! Ape escapepart I! If you enjoy playing classic arcade “monkey games” , hereis a new addicting 2d runner for you. ★ Banana Island - Monkey KongRun ★ differentiates itself in many ways from the pack of freerunning games for kids available on the market. This super cool 2dside scroller oozes charm and excitement, and everything iscontrolled by a single tap on your phone screen. So, let thejumping mania begin! Help our monkey dash and blast his enemies inthis super run and jump classic arcade game. Let's kick off a megajumping and coin collecting mission in the jungle - together!Embrace this parkour adventure and get ready for the gorillarevenge! Lilly is waiting and she is imprisoned and lonely! Startracing towards the dark Temple and show us what a jumper you are.Blast the baboons and flight from evil in the best rpg monkeyracing game ever! Let's go on a jungle ride! Don't let your enemiesescape – race through awesome levels and let your monkey flight thebaboons. In comparison to all other running games with apes andgorillas, this one is the most addicting. If you download ★ BananaIsland Monkey Run Game ★ today, you'll be hooked in a matter ofminutes! If you enjoy entertaining arcade animal games, get yourracing shoes and let's dash together in the best rpg platform ofthe year! Don't run slowly like your gran – install this fun retrogame and sprint through incredible levels! Get ★ Banana IslandMonkey Run Game ★ and let the jungle mania begin!
Banana Island: Monkey Fun Run 2.0 APK
★★★Monkey craze continues!★★★★★★Smash evil baboonminions!★★★★★★Avoid deadly obstacles!★★★Prepare for a fun-filledjourney with our monkey friend Bobo! Get ready to run, jump andsmash baboons on your way through Savanna Island! If you had funplaying our addictive mega hit games Banana Island: Monkey Kong Runand Banana Island: “Jungle Run”, you'll have a blast on this epicmonkey quest! Download Banana Island: Savanna Fun Run, an insanelyfun side-scrolling adventure game, and make our monkey go happyrunning like hell in this addicting 2Dplatformer!✰FEATURES✰Never-ending parkour monkey adventure!Moststunning level design ever seen in platform games!Eye-poppingcartoon characters!Crazy monkey enemies!Run, jump and swing onvines to collect coins!Buy additional lives and enjoy innever-ending free run!✰SIMPLE TAP CONTROLS✰Power Jump - Tap tojump, Tap & Hold for an extra long jump!Mega Glide - When inair, Tap & Hold to glide through the clouds!Super Drop - Whenin air, slide down to drop faster and kill baboon enemies aroundyou!Bored by playing platform action games with old grannies,bunnies, and zombies on their temple races? Go on a mega runningadventure, have a blast playing with Bobo, and get addicted to thisincredible monkey running game for kids! While running andcollecting coins, avoiding obstacles and fighting angry baboonenemies, go for bananas and make our monkey go happy!Banana Island:Savanna Fun Run will take you on an epic monkey journey with itsfast-paced gameplay and tons of run n jump action! This innovativemonkey kick off game will take you on a banana adventure whereyou'll have to fight angry monkeys and dash deadly obstacles onSavanna Island to have a mega monkey flight!Crazy “monkey run”!Despicable baboon king has kidnapped Bobo's girlfriend Lily andwishes to make her his jungle queen! Save her before it's too late!Enter the jungle survival, prepare for the most thrilling animalescape ever seen in “run and jump games”, unlock new worlds, andbeat'em up in this jump n run quest! Monkey Kong saga returns! Get★Banana Island: Savanna Fun Run★- third in our series of coolmonkey games, and you'll instantly get hooked on this fun monkeyrunner game! If you're addicted to playing parkour games and“jumping and running games”, this endless banana rush saga willbecome your favorite of all arcade animal games for kids! Weguarantee you that this cool 2D side scroller running game willgive you an unforgettable bounty joy ride!Ape escape 3! Get yourticket for a wild jungle ride, and make our monkey dash happilythrough dangerous savanna and mega blast his enemies in this superrun and jump classic arcade game for children. Let's kick off amega jumping and coin collecting mission on Savanna island!Download this parkour adventure and prepare all the jungle animalsfor gorilla revenge! Start racing and follow the line towards thedark Temple to show us what a free jumper you are. Blast thebaboons and flight from evil in the best RPG monkey racing gameever!Run, jump and dash through the jungle island, and be thefastest free runner to save your girlfriend! Banana jungle hidesmany enemies with powerful weapons, jetpack powerups and otherupgrades! Get on banana rush and enter the world of fast-paced 2Dplatform racing and jumping games!★”Banana Island”: Savanna FunRun★ isn't just one of many classic arcade games! Mega “monkeybanana” quest is waiting for you! Battle the flying baboons, andbeat the angry gorilla king in this epic jungle monkey saga to bethe coolest monkey in jungle! Get the best of fun run side-scrollergames for kids for kids of 3 year and adults as well, run free, andsave your girl from the monkey temple!Download now ★Banana Island:Savanna Fun Run★ best of all “monkey games” for free and make themonkey king angry by beating his baboon minions all over Bananaisland! Be the ultimate banana ninja and put an end to this junglewar!
World Athletics 2015: Run Game 1.3 APK
All the fans of addicting games get ready for one of the bestsports games in the world! Download 'World Athletics 2014: RunGame' and get your fingers in shape! Imagine that your fingers arelegs and use them to run on the screen of your smartphone! Have funand find out what it feels like to be an athlete at WorldChampionships with this free app for Android ™!➜ Choose between100, 200 and 400 meters dash and test your speed endurance!➜Realistic design of the running track will make you feel like beingon a real stadium!➜ True first person running experience – Run atfull sprint and beat all the records!Ⓦⓞⓡⓛⓓ ⒶⓣⓗⓛⓔⓣⓘⓒⓢHave you everdreamed of being an athlete? Always wanted to be the first one topass through the finish line and win the gold medal in the stadiumfull with people giving you standing ovations and screaming yourname? True Sport Game.Well, maybe this dream won’t come true foryou, but you sure can have a lot of fun playing this incrediblyinteresting game! Maybe you won’t have the fame and fortune likethose athletic stars, but you won’t have to go through all thatsacrifice too!To achieve fame in this game all you have to do isrun with your fingers on your phone screen and have fun! It’ssimple to play, it’s very amusing, and above all it’s free! Hopeyou’ll enjoy playing 'World Athletics 2013: Run Game'! If you're afan of sports games, this is the perfect one for you! One of thebest free games for boys and girls is here to entertain you andprovide you hours of fun! There are lots of sprinting games forkids, but this is a great game for adults as well!Prove that you'rea fast runner, win all the races and set your personal best time!Download this free athletic game for Android and have fun settingand beating your own records! This first person runner is an idealpastime for all the fans of “sport games”! If you're looking for acool game for children, look no further! Download this freeapplication now and watch your kids having the best time ever!Withthis app for Android, you'll have hours of fun with your friends!Show them your sprinting skills, prove that you're the best in thisentertaining athletics game and become a legend! You're not aprofessional sportsman in your real life? Don't worry! This awesomeapplication will make you feel like a pro athlete and provide you a100% realistic track running experience! Get this mobile app andfeel like an athlete at World Championships!Imagine that you're theworld's most famous athlete, use your fingers to run as fast as youcan on the phone screen and enjoy playing this fun game! For evenmore fun, play it with your friends and challenge them to beat yourrecords! Addiction guaranteed! Get 'World Athletics 2013: “RunGame”' app and prove that you're the fastest runner in theworld!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Girl vs Zombie Run Game 1.7.6 APK
Caution, caution! Zombies attack! Are you ready to resist the cruelzombie invasion and help your super girl hero find her true love?Prove that love conquers everything by playing this addicting girlrunning game for free and see if you're a true zombie smasher.Download ♠Girl vs Zombie Run Game♠ free, an incredibly exciting 2Dplatformer and spend hours of fun playing one of the best newzombie games for girls and for boys. ✱Jump over obstacles, collecttest tubes, plants, powerups, gain special powers and completeachievements to make this love story possible!✱Plants will increaseyour score! You can collect three flowers in each level!✱Each timeyou hit the Zombie Attackers (grumpy rocks) it will slow you downand you’ll lose your precious tubes! ✱But if you jump on top ofthem you’ll get a power-up (Super Speed, Super Jump, BounceBack…)!✱There are six types of Zombie Attackers: purple, red,orange, yellow, blue, pink!If you're a fan of cute girl games, butyou're also searching for some adventure and action in it, thisaddicting 2D side scroller will offer you everything you need!Download ♠Girl vs Zombie Run Game♠ and the fun can begin! Turn yourlittle girl hero into a wonder woman and and help her overcomeobstacles on the zombie highway. If you succeed to guide her way toher love and keep her safe and sound through all the seasons of theyear, you will become a true love defender and you will completeyour mission. Resist zombie attacks, run and jump over obstacles,collect power ups, plants, get special powers and make sure thislove story has a happy ending. An amazing new run game for girls,for boys or adults that simply everyone will enjoy! Download one ofthe trending popular zombie apps and discover a completely newrunning game with a breathtaking love story. Zombie run games havenever been more exciting – get this addicting 2D platformer and seefor yourself what makes it so special. On the one hand, this is oneof the coolest games for boys that brings thrilling and excitementthroughout the entire time of playing, and, on the other hand, itis one of the most beautiful "games for girls" that will come as anice refreshment when they get bored with all the dress up gamesthat are nowadays so popular. Appealing HD graphics, interestingand easy gameplay and simple one touch controls make this zombiesgame appropriate even for kids, so we can freely say this addictingaction runner simply has something for everyone. Who doesn't loveto play free "zombie games" especially if they involve a top girlwho is supposed to fight their invasion? Download ♠Girl vs ZombieRun Game♠ for free and you'll get a perfect mixture of popular girlgames and action games for boys, all available in a single freeapp. Run and jump all along the way to reach your super girl hero'slove, collect as many powers as you can, complete achievements,become a real smasher and put the evil invasion to an end. Get oneof the most fun adventure games to play when you're bored and havefun any time. Zombies vs girl? Who will win? It's all up toyou!Download this free Android application and play a fun game ofzombies that will entertain you for hours! No need for searchingnew free games for girls and for boys – you're now on the rightplace and all you have to do is download ♠Girl vs Zombie Run Game♠!This is one of those super games that everyone can play, it doesn'tinvolve killing so it is also a good game for kids too. Wait nolonger, just download the app and enjoy playing one of the bestgames for free. Zombies are waiting for you! Start playing thisgreat running game now!