1.06 / October 31, 2017
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Zombie Survival Shooter is a fast arcade shooter with beautifulgraphics. Best game to kill time on Halloween night.WELCOME TO THEZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!Kill many zombies as you can, but be careful!Your AMMO is limited!How long you can you SURVIVE?Cleaning stagesmaking credits, that can you spend to improve your weapons, orincrease the starting location to make higher ranksfaster!Features: - 5 different areas - Unlimited stages - 10different weapons - Leaderboards - Weapon Improvements - A lot ofadrenalineNow with 50% and 80% Halloween sale!

App Information Zombie Survival Shooter

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    Zombie Survival Shooter
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    October 31, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Wildcard Games
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    4032 Debrecen, Borbiro ter
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EARLY ALPHA VERSIONS FOR PUBLIC TESTING!!!Classic roguelike fantasydungeon game, with rpg basicsContains some basic classes, items andone monster for testing.Recently added:* Painted world map* Socialfeatures (Leaderboards, achievements)Added* Hall of Heroes added*Dungeon unlocks added
Survivors of the Magic Firestorm (BETA) Indie RPG 2.39 APK
THIS IS A BETA VERSION. PLEASE DON'T RATE IF YOU DONT LIKE!TheFirestorm: Survivors' Land is a fantasy role-playing gameThedevastating magican Firestorm destroyed the world. Only a smallpiece of land remains, which survived the apocalyptic disaster forsome reason.Explore the Land of Survivors!The "Firestorm:Survivors' Land" in a fantasy-action RPG game. Create your survivoron a scorched world, and discover the land of survivors! You canfight the firestorm survivor monsters, and invent special weaponsand armor to face the challenges of Survivors Land!Take part in theweekly Olympics, where reveals, who is the mightiestadventurer!Found a guild, and develop guild abilities to getpermanent bonuses for all of your characters. More adventurers canjoin to your guild to be stronger together!Wandering on thesurvivors' land you can undertake quests, you may write the historyof this world with your adventures!You can level up during youradventures, can collect more and more gold, more and more glory,you can be the living legend of the survivors' land!Play the gameevery day, and take the daily free gifts, and collect free gold andfree credits with the daily tasks. Marketplace awaits you, whereyou can buy rare items, and you can sell yours.Discover the worldof Firestorm, where climbable walls, battlefields, dungeons, andlock protected chests, as minigames makes your adventures morecolorful.The game is supports the Cloud save and load, to migrateyour game between devices, or restore your game on devicefailure.What the game offers:* Free game* Fantastic RPG feeling*Unique graphics from the Golden Age of Role-Playing Games* Unique,a huge explorable fantasy world, unique monsters.* Lots of weaponsand magical equipment* Weekly gladiator fight in the Olympic arena,where you stack up against the other gladiators* Metals, skins andother objects that are combined together for invent new uniqueitems * Exciting missions* Free-customizable characters* Puzzles,decryptable texts for the puzzle games loversExplore a LandScorched with Fire: An Epic Fantasy Adventure of Survival!* Bravean open world adventure, and develop your character as you explorethe land!* Tools, weapons, armor can be crafted from the materialsyou can find.* Countless monsters await defeat at your hands,through arms and magic!The world has become engulfed in a viciousfire, caused by the Firestorm. As one of the few survivors in thiscataclysm, make your way through a land of heat and heroism as youstart your own legend.In an open and free roaming 3D fantasy RPG;explore the lands, and gain materials as you travel and craft theminto useful gear such as weapons and armor. This easy to graspbattle system lets you unleash spells and martial prowess usingquick access options.Begin your quest by learning the controls in atutorial. Here, discover the basics of the game including combatand questing. Once you get a grasp of the game, head out into thefiery world, and discover its secrets.Some monsters: skeletons,goblins, spiders, ghosts, demons, armadillos, bugs, insects,scorpions, orks, fungi, animals, oozes, elementals, worms, giants,yeti, undead, gnomes, mages, warlocks, golems"The Firestorm:Survivors' Land" playing on "Survivors' Land", with the permissionof copyright owner, the Beholder kft.Follow on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/The.Firestorm.Survivors.Land/