1.0.1 / January 24, 2017
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The walking dead have taken over the world.Mad scientists create horrible monsters in their secret labs.Marauders and ex-soldiers fight among the ruins of desolate cities.And the rest of humanity is simply struggling to survive.
Zombie Town Story is full of adventures in a world ravaged by thezombie apocalypse. Each of the game's episodes tells its own story.The direction of the plot depends on the decisions you make alongthe way. Do you help the little girl and her kitten in trouble, ordo you just walk past? What do you give the robber? Do you shoot afriend infected by the zombie virus or not?
What is Zombie Town Story? It’s hundreds of puzzle levels where youfind food and supplies to help you survive. It's dozens of weapontypes, from chainsaws to sniper rifles, to use in your fightagainst the undead and mutants. And it's long hours spentunraveling the dark secrets of the world of the walking dead.

Game features:

- your decisions determine the direction of the plot;
- earn supplies and equipment in puzzle levels;
- choose your weapon to fight the undead;
- solve the mystery of the zombie virus.


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App Information Zombie Town Story

  • App Name
    Zombie Town Story
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    January 24, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
  • Price
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  • Developer
    Visit website Email support@herocraft.com Privacy Policy
    Leninskiy Ave, 155a, 4th floor, 236039 Kaliningrad, Russia
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Gibbets 2 1.0.24 APK
Tired of always losing at Hangman? Now it'stime to get your own back on that noose-wielding bully! Gibbets 2,the sequel to the Flash smash hit, gives you chance to save thepoor victims before they run out of breath! A truly innovativearcade puzzler where you'll have to aim your bow and arrowcarefully to cut the hangman's rope without causing the victimsfurther injury! Use all manner of bonuses and pick ups, warps andteleports, to help you on your quest. You'll gain bonus points forrescuing multiple people with one arrow so try and gain the perfectscore on each level. Accumulate even more points with the vultureblasting bonus round, then upload your high scores to challengeyour friends! Can you the handle the frantic pace and save theinnocent before they take their final breath?• Draw back your bow in this truly unique game of skill.• Save the innocent people from hanging in over 50 challenginglevels.• Master the use of portals and pick ups across the colourfuldetailed landscapes.• Unlock awards and achievements for your expert bowmanship• The sequel to the million selling hit on various platforms._____________________________________FOLLOW US: @HerocraftWATCH US: youtube.com/herocraftLIKE US: facebook.com/herocraft.games

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