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At the time of making life secure injection at the NationalHospital(Zombie Empire) of the big City the experiment wasunsuccessful and all the patients and doctors, policemen’sconverted to zombie they are in huge number. In "Zombie WorldShooting: Zombie Killing - FPS"there are different kind of zombieslike 'adventures in zombie world' like realistic ArtificialIntelligence from which they are finding humans and you need tokill all the zombies otherwise they will kill you. It is a laststand village of zombie war just few humans survive from the worldwar between zombies & humans. As you are a brave soldier ofyour country army you have many weapons grenades and you use themvery well let’s clear your village from zombies and help all thehided citizens.As there are many survivors in a zombie worldincluding someone family, moms, dad and someone children’s they allare spontaneously scattered away and wherever they find place tohide they hide from many days they need food and water to live butthey are afraid from zombies. You are the only hope of your villagebe brave and kill all the zombies let's help our city. Let's showyour shooting power to the war world.There are some 'super zombie'who can run and take damage to you in this environment you have abattled condition with zombies and you can shoot 'barrels' and makea huge damage to enemies. Many of the resident’s civilians becomezombie you need to kill them to secure other civilians. In thismission you are alone to fight but you are already trained by armyas you know how to use weapons. Zombies want to drink blood and ifthey bites you will die and after sometime the bacteria will makeyou a zombie killing some are zombie ninja it depends how dangeryou could create yourself as a zombie life.People wish to seebeautiful environment as they are now scared civilians have no hopenow of living but you can change the history and let them live ahealthy life and secure life from any animal attack or any otherzombie attack in 'Zombie World Shooting: Zombie Killing - FPS' youwill feel like realistic look and play. We code a lot to make bestAI of zombies.Key Features:Realistic Zombie Environment.Fight withrival zombies.Experience the fight with different Weapons &Grenades, Barrels blast.Exciting Levels with realistic stamina andhealth system.Real life weapons and Fight.Interactive Controls andGameplay.Zombie Hunt Fights.

App Information Zombie World Shooting: Zombie Killing - FPS

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    Zombie World Shooting: Zombie Killing - FPS
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    September 12, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    RBS Studios: Free Games
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You are going to experience full of Adventure game like Animal vsHumans. As we all know that Monkeys are look like Humans as compareto all animals, monkeys can do many things as same as human use todo. Body structure of Apes and Humans are same so we love to seemany other things like Human vs Apes. In this game “Mission of ApesAttack” some Apes take full control at your City and they killedmany of citizens and innocent families. Apes wants to rule thisworld and make all humans as prisoners simply they want revenge, asthey believe humans are real enemy of nature, you belongs to Armybut you are on Holidays, but after this incident you are ready tofight and kill all evil apes and other enemies. Your mission is tosurvive and kill all Apes. Apes attack is very dangerous be carefulbefore killing them because they are now very dangerous. Apes areusing Weapons to rule the world. Whenever Apes sees you they willkill you, stay safe and always hide and then kill them. Thisjourney is really hard but humans always win from any kind of powerhuman don’t care if they are animals like dinosaurs or anythingelse, Humans are the most powerful asset of this earth, Let's showyour strength and power and save the whole world from the Attack ofApes.“Soldiers are always on missions, whatever they are onholidays or Mission but whenever help is need they always ready tohelp and protect from any evils and enemies”, Don't fear from bigapes as you are a brave soldier and you have many weapons likeAK-47, SMG, and SNIPER and also you have GRENADES to destroy Apesattack. After an Unsuccessful Experiment at Universal Lab of Cityon Gorilla the injection exceeds and Gorilla becomes more dangerousand more powerful. This Apes & Gorillas can quickly learnanything and they can drive cars and they can talk they are moredangerous than our thoughts. You’re going to play you will seerealistic look and feel because we work a lot on ArtificialIntelligence as you will see that when you run your stamina willbecome low, you can hear your breathing and heart beats wheneverthey exceeds AI Limits. The mission is to get the Anti-Injectionand spray all over the places so that apes will be as same asbefore but the problem is Apes know this Secret and hide thatInjection with very high security, Your mission is to survive andget that injection from the City Safety Office. Apes hide thatinjection, take it back from them. ‘Let’s end war between Humansand Apes’.Mission of Apes Attack key features Exciting game playchallenging escape missions Realistic Look and Feel FPS ShootingControls Auto Aim focus Option ON/OFF Sensitivity Control EnemyShooting AI Realistic Grenades and Multi Arm Guns Realistic StaminaSystem
Mujhe Kyun Nikala : Go Nawaz Gone 1.4 APK
In 2017 Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz disqualified by court ordersand the current political situation of Pakistan is highly tense,the sentence "Mujhe Kyun Nikala" & "Go Nawaz Go" which is now'Go Nawaz Gone' are very popular sentences. Because beforedisqualification of Prime Minister "Go Nawaz Go" was popular &right after disqualification of nawaz the sentence is changed to"Go Nawaz Gone".We have made a game in which you have to click onnawaz and make High Score you can pause and retry the game. Let’ssee how much you do effort to make high score in Mujhy Kyun NikalaGo Nawaz Gone. The speed of game will be increase as per scoreincreases and you will feel difficulty and more enjoyable game toplay.The purpose of this game is only fun about "Mujhe Kyun Nikala"this is Roman Urdu sentence the meaning of this sentence is "whydid you disqualify me"? Mujhe Kyun Nikala “Go Nawaz Go” is veryinteresting game Lets play and make High Score!
Kid Survival Zombie City 1.1 APK
This game provides a fresh approach to Survival Zombie genres. Themain goal is to hold a city while an army of zombie tries tooverpower and capture your city. You can fight and kill zombie, butit could stretch your time to help citizens so you won't be able todefend properly. As you are a brave kid and your dad was a soldierwho died in this fight with all dead infection. Now you have tosurvive for your family and kill all the zombie lets show yourpower and be a brave little soldier.You can drive multiple cars anddrive to destination and help out the citizens. You will beexperience a real life of zombie city.Alternatively you can helpout the citizens, but you will be facing a resource shortage in aweek or time. Your play style will be highly dependent on citizen’slife you have to survive as a kid and collect all the foods forcitizens so that they can easily survive. Choose wisely. What youhave to do is to Survive in zombie city and keep away from deadbodies and help all the citizens at your city.Look and feel likereal surviving game with fun and joy let's play.
Dinosaur Shooting Jungle Hero Survival 1.0 APK
Experience the real old jungle age of Dinosaurs with arm guns atShooting Dinosaurs Jungle Hero Survival in hunting Jurassic. Youare tapped at basement and you lost your helicopter keys to escapefrom that basement. Now show your Hero Survival by Dinosaurshooting actions and use your arm guns grenades, barrel etc. allyou need to do is to kill the dinosaurs. Some of dino are deadlykiller and they are in a very big number because you are at home ofdino and they all are badly hungry to eat you. Take charge of yourbasement and kill all the dinosaurs, in which there aretyrannosaurus, spinosaurus, carnotaurus, velociraptor, pteranodon.Survival at this realistic environment is really hard, but only ifyou are a real hero so you can survive at the Jurassic of monsterand hungry dinosaurs. Dino are destroying your basement takerevenge and make a good dinosaur shooting so that your survivalwould be possible. Shooting dinosaurs & Fire like a realsoldier and make them dead at their own home of jungle.Your missionis to kill them at basement which is located and jungle, take yourfamily revenge by dinosaur shooting each mission have differentnumber of dinosaurs, Dino and they are fast and monsters. Show yourbest shooting at safari. The challenge should be done under thehealth at Dinosaurs Shooting Hero Survival game, you willdefinitely enjoy to play this safari game by shooting dinosaurs arevery interesting game of all time.Key FeaturesExclusive SoundEffectsAmazing 3D Jungle EnvironmentAngry Dino Thrilling andchallenging Stealth MissionsInteresting Game Play
Angry Gorilla City Attack Mission 1.2 APK
You are living in a modern city which is near to high mountainjungle where many gorillas lives, In "Angry Gorilla City AttackMission" this is best gorilla game you are experiencing the attackof gorillas who are very angry for destroying their home and jungletree. The problem of city is they want to make new homes so thatthey need wood and when they go to jungle to collect wood. CityCompany needs wood and then they start cutting the trees ofjungles. Gorilla’s lives in trees they are like their home wheregorilla sleep.The Gameplay is very simple you have First PersonShooter and many weapons with unlimited magazines and bullets andbonus is you will have unlimited grenades in gorilla game. As youknow the FPS is very powerful game to kill any enemy you mission isto clear the city from Gorilla’s and save civilians and be awarefrom gorillas because they are very dangerous and they attack youfrom hands.In Adventure + Action game Angry Gorilla City AttackMission is very interesting survival mission you just need tosurvive and save your city Angry Gorilla’s at your city, Civilianshave been killed, Rescue your City and Play gorilla game!Let’s saveyour city.Key Features of Angry Gorilla City Attack Mission:ModernCity Realistic EnvironmentGorilla Attack AIOptimized Game PlayUI/UXFPS Multi Guns and Grenades
Modern Theft Prison Escape 1.1 APK
You are in Jail under high security, as you are a big gangster ofyour town and city so police surrendered you last month and now thetime has came to escape from the jail. Jail is full of security andyou cannot break the jail without weapons, but you kill your gateguard and stole his weapons and your Boss guiding you about escapeplan. In this game "Modern Theft Prison Escape" you will entertainby modern city jail environment with very high potential of jailsecurity along with number of security guards are very aggressiveas modern prison has very tight security like Alcatraz. your Bosshas relation with big criminals and high power-ful contacts so thatyour gang boss helps you to escape and he know how to break thejail follow the instruction of your boss as he needed you as soonas possible because he have a very special task for you at a citysupermaket of town he want all the money of city supermarket &only you can do this work so that, your boss need you at anycost.Prisoners always want to get out from the hell prisons butnobody can do this, but you can do because you belong from a verypowerful gang of this city. you have stole many weapons like gunsand grenades so you can easily kill any security. the main purposeof escaping from any jail is freedom so try to hide and escape stepby step if you directly go to the exit gate of the jail you woulddefinitely captured by the security so that you have to escape stepby step from the jail and you will definatly enjoy the story inthis game. the security is wrath from your strength. you will beexperience alot of security so be ready to fight and keep yourstealth on and keep hide and move to exit gate as your freedom isdepends on prison breakout.Feature of Modern Theft PrisonEscape:Expanded 3D EnvironmentMultiple missions of jailbreakoutTop-notch soundeffectsStamina mode and move like realisticand throwing grenades to enemyrealistic gameplayenemy hits counterauto-focus on/off
Robber vs Cops Independence War 1.4 APK
You made a Robbery and need to Escape from Targetted place butunfortunately you are incountered by cops, You can Shoot and KillCops by using your modern weapons FPSFirst Person Shooter.Robber vsCops are usually an interesting subject but in this case thethriller is you all alone and you need to escape from officeindependently.Its alway a War between Cops and Robbers.You haveunlimited Ammo use your Guns and make a good score.Staying awayfrom Cops to Increase your Health.We made a Stamina System to lookand feel Realistic to Play use Ide mode to increase your StaminaStrength.Make a high Score and Show it to your friends so that youguys can challenge each other.We put all effort to look and feelrealistic to play.Improved FPS Shooting.Let's make a Robbery andmake a good Score!
Zombie City Attack - Zon bie Killer & Survival 1.0 APK
There are so many countries in this world but in several countriesthe technology growth is very good, Day by day many things areintroducing but at this Game "Zombie City Attack - Zombie Killer"the biggest city of world got the bad experience of tonic ofpowerful human controls. In which they thought that humans will bemore genius after this injection, but that experiment got failedand scientist and policemen become zombies. Security was high atthat secret department but the flow of zombie are increasing day byto many areas.We have to clear this zombie error and zombie attackto this world, so we should get out this error out of the boundaryof this town. So the world would be safe and this secret wouldnever reveal to other countries. If we could not stop this virus,then zombie virus will be spread all over the world and human nameswill be end at this world. Zombie are too much thirsty as they needblood to survive. They are dangerous and very huge in numbers, youare requested to clear all areas of zombie attack, zombie virus andsafe the world.You are going to fight against zombies and there arepatients and police officers who become zombie attacker some ofzombie attack at ‘zombie night terror’ area. Zombie night terror inan area located at middle of the city and you are requested fromyour army to clear that location of zombie terror night. Some ofthe zombies are very fast zombie and some of are slow.Well you havewhat you all need to kill the zombies like all Pro Guns andGrenades. You can shoot and kill and make dollars by takingheadshots. Take a headshot of zombie and make dollars and buyhealth from the shop so you can use your health after losing thelevel by pressing continue button, you will be alive again fromthat position and you can kill zombies and clear all the area of“zombie night terror”. In this game you will be experience aboutrealistic environment of big city the cars are burning and all thecitizens are scared from this virus.As a Soldier of Army, theynever regret they always fight for peace and being human all armyshould clear this virus and safe the world. Key Feature of ZombieCity Attack - Zombie Killer:FPS Shooter GameHealth System, Heartbeats Multiple Guns and GrenadesRealistic Environment better Lookand Feel Buy Health from shopZombie Attack AISnow and rainenvironmentOptimized Gameplay UI/UXLet’s clear the zombie virus andzombie attack.