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Prepare your ammo and get ready to shoot and clean up thiswasteland full of zombies! Zombie.io Madness is one of the mostexciting new online multiplayer zombie shooting games where you arethe ultimate hero who will save the world! The world is in danger,the deadly virus is spreading and infecting the people, so do youhave what it takes to stop the zombie apocalypse? If not, team upwith other players in a nail-biting multiplayer zombie survivalshooter game!🔥ONLINE MULTIPLAYER ACTION GAME Buckle up and prepareyour best zombie shooter skills to kill the zombies and save thehumanity from the walking dead! This is the best action shootergame that lets you play with your friends online. Challenge yourfriends with this awesome multiplayer action game, stay alive aslong as you can and dominate the battleground. Kill as many zombiesas you can, defeat your enemies and upgrade your fighting skills!🏆SCORES & LEADERBOARDS Zombie.io Madness is one of those zombieshooting games with an addictive and fast gameplay that you’ll havehard time turning off! Play alone or choose to host or to join agame! Be precise, increase your skills points and make your ownunbeatable high scores! With a global game leaderboard andon-screen dual stick controller, this zombie multiplayer gamesonline io gameplay will definitely glue your hands to yourdevice!🎮THRILLING GAME OPTIONS & SKILLSZombie.io Madness is oneof those zombie survival games full of cool additional features andgame skills that will get you into the game even more. It providesplayers with a mini map, ping meter and gamer skills: Player Speed,Health Regen, Max Health, Bullet Speed, Fire Rate, Damage. Team upwith other gamers on the game’s regional servers and kill thedead!💣 ZOMBIE.IO MADNESS FEATURES✔️ Addictive and fun onlinemultiplayer shooter gameplay✔️ Cool graphics✔️ Host/Join Game✔️Quick real-time zombie shooter battles✔️ Multiple skill bars:Player Speed, Health Regen, Max Health, Bullet Speed, Fire Rate,Damage✔️ Online game leaderboard✔️ Skill Points✔️ Mini Map✔️ PingMeter✔️ High scores✔️ Regional Servers✔️ On Screen Dual StickController✔️ FREE to play-------------Enjoy one of the best freezombie shooting games for quick real-time shooting with otherpeople in this breathtaking zombie shooter!Download Zombie.ioMadness for free and play it anywhere, anytime!

App Information Zombie.io Madness – Survival Zombie Shooting

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    Zombie.io Madness – Survival Zombie Shooting
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    August 29, 2017
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Pixega Studio
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    ODTÜ Teknokent Halıcı Yazılım Evi Kuluçka Merkezi No:33/2 06800 Ankara/Türkiye
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