1.1.1 / August 4, 2014
(4.3/5) (1095)


The original mobile game, Zombie's Cool came back to your smartphone!Absolutely, you can meet the original extraordinary stagestoo!You can blow out the zombies with a car in CARMAGEDDON mode!Youcan defeat the rush of zombies with just one baseball bat in ZombieBaseball mode!Also, you can see more walking dead enemies you nevermet before!New weapon, such as baseball bat and flamethrower, isadded!Explosive object is added. Now you can turn the tide ofbattle with this!The Tri CO-OP mode added in the latest patch!!!You can enjoy this defense gameplay with 3 players in one screen.Weovercame hardware's limitation! Now you can see dozens of zombiesin your phone screen, like as movie!It's not just an ordinaryremake version. It is world No. 1 zombie game. You will be plungedinto great fun.Zombie's Cool Origin is supported for every tabletperfectly! [Game Hint] More combos, more coins.You get more coins,if you can evade the attacks from a bunch of zombies.Go to Fackbookof GAME MUSEUMhttps://www.facebook.com/gamemuseum.krPlease visitand like it!

App Information Zombie's Cool Origin

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    Zombie's Cool Origin
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    August 4, 2014
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    Game Museum
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    [140-012] 서울특별시 용산구 새창로 213-12 현대하이엘 1304
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당신이 알고싶은, 그리고 알아야할 게임에 대한 모든 상식이 여기 있습니다.당신이 좋아해서 매일 플레이하는 게임의 장르는무엇인지.. 게임과 게임기들의 일반적인 상식들에 관해 어느정도 알고 있습니까? 게임 초보자부터 게임덕력 충만한 매니아유저까지 즐길 수 있고! 신세대 유저부터 8비트 게임음악이 그리운 올드 유저들까지 모두를 만족시킬!고전에서 최신작까지PC 게임에서 콘솔게임 그리고 모바일 게임까지! 게임의 시작부터 지금까지의 모든 게임들을 총 망라한 엄청난 퀴즈를선보입니다! 게임의 역사를 퀴즈로 풀어가며 재미있게 알아가는 시간을 가져봅시다! 퀴즈 게임 뮤지엄!! 업데이트는 계속됩니다!----개발자 연락처 :070-8264-2783If you want to know, and all theknowledge you need to know about the game is here.I like to playevery game you what the genre is.Games and consoles in the generalsense about how much you know?Deokryeok game full of gameenthusiasts from beginners to the user to be able to enjoy!This newgeneration of user-game music from the 8-bit nostalgic for the oldusers to satisfy all!From classics to latest PC games to consolegames and mobile games!From the start of the game so far, coveringa total of all of the great games for you to feast on thequiz!Gamyeo the history of the game have fun quiz to get to knowthe time to get released soon!Museum trivia game!Updates willcontinue!
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WORLD SOCCER KID is Simplest Soccer Game in the world.WORLD SOCCERKID is Hardest Soccer Game in the world.Rules are Just Simple.Ifyou release finger from screen after touch , character change hisdirection left and right.You have to bounce ball by headingThisGame support Google Play's Game Service so you can complete worldusers in World Cup Soccer Ranking!
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NATURE is beautiful game.NATURE will heal your tired mind.In ourgame NATURE, player will be spores.If player touch screen sporewill fly away.During flying interact with creatures and you can getFOWER(source of power to fly).If FOWER goes 0, spore can not flyanymore and fall down to ground.NATURE has no goal and no end.So,after falling down to the ground, spore will born again, andagain...And starts it's endless travel.Spore can evolution if youcorrect bubbles.Christmas BG and BGM added.Marry Christmas!
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[공지] 좀비스쿨 2 의 이전 이야기를 알려주는 좀비스쿨 오리진이 출시되었습니다.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.project.zsogo오리진부터 즐기시면 스토리가 이어지면서 더~ 재미있으실겁니다!---------------------------------------------------길티기어의 멋진락음악에 맞춰 좀비들을 날려버리자!!!피쳐폰 최초의 좀비 헌팅 게임으로 10만 다운로드를 기록한 좀비스쿨!후속작인좀비스쿨2가 당신의 스마트폰을 점령하려 한다!음악만큼 음악으로 유명한 길티기어의 OST를 라이센스하여 들려주는 박진감넘치는 헤비메탈 BGM!무기마다 다르게 느껴지는 손맛과 리얼한 사운드!손에 땀을 쥐게 하는 연출들!메인인 액션은 물론디펜스 모드 !서바이벌 모드! 도전과제 모드! 등 스테이지마다 다르게 펼쳐지는 다양한 놀거리들!!매 지역마다 존재하는거대 보스와의 목숨을 건 일전도 빼 놓을 수 없는 재미!그리고, 게임을 좋아하는 당신이라면 배꼽을 잡을 깨알같은패러디까지!!오늘부터 당신의 폰을 접수하겠습니다!----개발자 연락처 :070-8264-2783[News] 2zombie school Zombie tells the story of the old school of Originwasreleased.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.project.zsogoEnjoysimyeon from the origin story would lead jimyeonseo more - you'd befun!-------------------------------------------------- -Guilty Gearzombies stunning blow to the music Let's Rock!The first featurephone game zombie hunting zombie school record 10 milliondownloads!2 is a zombie sequel School tries to occupy your smartphone!Music as the music of the famous Guilty Gear OST license totell a fast-paced heavy metal BGM!You've got to use your hands andarms seem realistic sound differently?Tweaked to produce sweat inhand!The main course of action isDefense mode!Survivalmode!Challenge Mode! Unfolded differently, such as the varioussleep stages in!Each and every area of ​​life that exists in hugeboss is indispensable days of fun!And if you like the game, such asumbilical kkaeal parody to catch!We accept your phone today!