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In terms of world population refer to the total number of livinghumans on earth approximately 7.2 billion people live on this earthand hundreds of billion died in the past. Imagine if just few ofthem came back as Zombies. Zombies are undead creatures, typicallydepicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses with a hunger forhuman flesh. Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasygenre works. The term comes from Haitian folklore (French Word)where a zombie is a dead body animated by magic. Modern depictionsof zombies do not necessarily involve magic but invoke othermethods such as a virus.Zombies Frontier Attack is one of the topfree fps shooting and killing game which is available for free atGoogle Play Store for your android device. This is the game inwhich you can use your best sniper, shooting and assault commandoskills to kill zombies and save humanity from your gun. In ZombiesFrontier Attack, Zombies killing is the main objective and taskwhich you need to complete in this top zombies killing game. I mustsay Zombies killing and shooting is not an easy as other huntinggames like Lion and Deer Hunting because in this game you need toprove your war battled sniper action, assault commando and shootingskills as sharp gunner-shooter and seasoned assassin for yoursurvival and save humanity on this earth.Features:• 10 differentlevels• Distinctive Zombies • 3d graphics • Experience thesensation of firing widely. • 5 type of weapons (Pistol, revolver,machine gun, assault rifle and sniper )• Get the coins to unlockthe other weapons • Guns have different sound with real timeeffects• Zombies come with different form and abilities• Zombieskills in an action with blood shedding scene How to play:• Selectthe weapon based on the available weapons list• Select the level ofthe game• Once the zombies killing zone is loaded, you may see thewaves of Zombies approaching to you• Target them and shoot withyour selected weapon with fire button• Make sure, Zombies will notreaches near to you otherwise you will be kill• Complete the gamestage by stage• At every level need to complete different task

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Gangster City Racing 3D 1.0 APK
Union apps
Get ready for fun, thrill, immersive and wild car racing game everat Google Play Store which you can download free for your androiddevice.Gangster City Racing, The best car racing game ever withcrash and burn effects of the cars in which you will find fun andthrill which you want to see in Gangster or mafia car racing games.Play this game as top city gangsters and imagine you to drive yourcar in top world places like New York City, Las Vegas City, ChicagoCity, Mexico City, and Mumbai City and in Russia Moscow City.Gangster City Racing is no.1 car racing game in which gangster andmafia spreading terror in the city and drive their cars in cityarea and burn the cars of their rivals. There are different cargangs or groups those are fighting with each other for theirterritory and the area which they own. This is the game where youneed to test your extreme car racing skills in the main city area.Agangster is a criminal who is a member of a gang. Some gangs areconsidered to be part of organized crime. Gangsters are also calledmobsters, a term derived from mob and the suffix -ster. Gangsprovide a level of organization and resources that support muchlarger and more complex criminal transactions than an individualcriminal could achieve. Gangsters have been active for many yearsin countries around the world. In modern usage, the term "gang" isgenerally used for a criminal organization, and the term "gangster"invariably describes a criminal. Much has been written on thesubject of gangs, although there is no clear consensus about whatconstitutes a gang or what situations lead to gang formation andevolution. There is agreement that the members of a gang have asense of common identity and belonging, and this is typicallyreinforced through shared activities and through visualidentifications such as special clothing, tattoos or rings. Somepreconceptions may be false. For example, the common view thatillegal drug distribution in the United States is largelycontrolled by gangs has been questioned.The term "organized crime"is associated with gangs and gangsters, but is not synonymous. Asmall street gang that engages in sporadic low-level crime wouldnot be seen as "organized". An organization that coordinates gangsin different countries involved in the international trade in drugsor prostitutes may not be considered a "gang".Gangster City Racing,is powerful 3d impact car racing game where you drive your car as acity gangster and mafia with highway traffic and put behind thewheel of your crazy vehicles to kill and shoot them with bombs andboost your car with energy booster. Earn coins and magnet to funand thrill. You may also select and drive the multiple fast andfurious cars to play at extreme traffic racer track. During thegame play you need to avoid to hit with the other highway trafficlike Cars, Ambulance, Trucks, Trawlers and School Bus.The ultimatepurpose of the Gangster City Racing game is to create fun, thrilland action for the car racing lovers to drive their cars as fast aspossible with best rivals, collect the bombs at rapid fast track tocrash and burn the other gangster at the highway traffic. Share theexperience after playing this game with your best friends.KeyFeatures:-• Drive car with traffic.• Create your own gang todominate at city traffic. • Multiple Cars for Playing.• Realisticcar damage, Crash your car.• High speed arcade racing.• Controlyour car with a steering buttons.• Endless highway road with fasttraffic cars.• Smooth and realistic car handling.• Best game playwith well-known user controls for handling • Cool 3d Graphics withRealistic Car Physics.• Drive your crazy car & shoot the otherrivals with your monster strike.• Wreck and Crash your opponentswith your top weapons.• Stunning and fabulous fast paced 3dvisuals. • Quality and music.
Gunship Battle Commando 1.2 APK
Union apps
Gunship Battle Commando is flying for challenging war now. Let’splay the top free gunship battle combat commando game which you candownload from Google Play Store for your android device.Beforeflying the helicopter you must check your ammunition because attackare full of action and enemy is fully loaded with differentweapons. Gunship Battle Commando, is a helicopter based action gamethat combines spectacular and fabulous 3d graphics with fightcontrol simulation and involve you in different military basedscenarios to get your attention in gunship combat commandoexperience.An attack helicopter is an armed helicopter with theprimary role of an attack aircraft, with the capability of engagingtargets on the ground, such as enemy infantry and armored fightingvehicles. Due to their heavy armament they are sometimes calledhelicopter gunships.Weapons used on attack helicopters can includeautocannons, machine guns, rockets, and guided anti-tank missilessuch as the Hellfire. Many attack helicopters are also capable ofcarrying air-to-air missiles, though mostly for purposes ofself-defense. Today's attack helicopter has two main roles: first,to provide direct and accurate close air support for ground troops,and the second, in the anti-tank role to destroy enemy armorconcentrations. Attack helicopters are also used to supplementlighter helicopters in the armed scout role. In combat, an attackhelicopter is projected to destroy around 17 times its ownproduction cost before it is destroyed.How to Play:Mission1:-Flight Test in which safely transport your soldiers to the otherbase, Avoid electric poles during the flight. After successfullycompletion of 1st mission Reward = $200.Mission 2:First BattleDestroy the Enemy Base along with the coastline in which mainobjective is to destroy the Enemy Boats. After successfullycompletion of 2nd mission Reward = $400.Mission 3:Maritime AmbushDestroy the Enemy Boats they are big hurdle to Move next to theEnemy Base, in which main objective is to Destroy Enemy Boats.Aftersuccessfully completion of 3rd mission Reward = $600.Mission4:Convoy Strike and destroy the enemy convoy which is coming tokill your soldiers in which your objective is to destroy enemyvehicles.After successfully completion of 4th mission Reward =$1000.Game Features:• Multiple helicopter available, each withunique characteristics.• Easy to control and optimized for 3dflight.• Arm your chopper with multiple weapons like machine gunand missiles.• Complete your mission with given instructions.•Multiple mission to complete the combat commando fight.• Realbattled field sounds during gameplay.Download and play “GunshipBattle Commando” and don’t forget to give your valuable feedbackand suggestions for improvement.
Rescue Ambulance Simulator 1.0 APK
Union apps
An ambulance is a vehicle for transportation of sick or injuredpeople to, from or between places of treatment for an illness orinjury, and in some instances will also provide out of hospitalmedical care to the patient. The word is often associated with roadgoing emergency ambulances which form part of an emergency medicalservice, administering emergency care to those with acute medicalproblems.There has been a lot of road accidents in New York Cityand as a member of the volunteer organization you are on the dutyas ambulance driver to save life of injured people and move themfrom one place to hospital for treatment. Rescue AmbulanceSimulator is one of the best 3d ambulance simulator game availableat Google Play Store for your android device for free. Feel andimagine yourself as a real rescue ambulance driver and worker, whosave life of the injured people and provide transportation forhospital after accidents and get the doctor for injured patientASAP.Rushing through town, saving lives, helping people, this isyour call and this is your duty while playing Rescue AmbulanceSimulator. As sirens boom and the sound echoes through the streetsyou rush to help those in need of rescue through your ambulance. Bethe best driver of Rescue Ambulance Simulator, always arrive ontime and be the first to aid the victims and patients! Remembertraffic lights, pedestrians, sharp turns and on-coming traffic areserious obstacles and hurdles for less experienced drivers.RescueAmbulance Simulator is an exciting game where you can drive yourambulance in real 3d environment to help the injured patient andhumankind. In this game you are not playing a car racing or truckparking game but in fact you trying to be savior and rescuer bydriving the ambulance to the patients who are in terrible need ofhelp to save their lives. Do your job perfectly and rush to thepatients on time to save them. Are you able to take stress &drive speedy through the city streets to rescue people and driveback to the hospital? Prove yourself worthy in this RescueAmbulance Simulator. Rescue Ambulance Simulator is a realisticsimulator. There are 10 different levels in which you have toprovide the transportation of injured or sick patient from oneplace and take him to the hospital in required time as soon aspossible. There is an arrow or indicator on above the ambulancewhich will guide you the position of patient and hospital.How toPlay:-• Multiple controls for ambulance movement• Follow the arrowto get patient to the hospital• Realistic tilt and steeringcontrols• Get the patient and go the hospital in required timeGameFeatures:-• 10 different levels • Real life situation/challengesbefore you reach to the hospital• Realistic controls withacceleration pedal, brake pedal and gear shift• Steering wheel forextreme accuracy driving• Easy and addictive game playDownload andPlay “Rescue Ambulance Simulator” and don’t forget to give yourvaluable feedback and suggestions for the improvement. We arecontinuously update our game.
Ultimate Lone Survivor 1.1 APK
Union apps
Do you want to serve as a top commando of your country army? Thendownload and play the top action and shooting game Ultimate LoneSurvivor at your android device for free.Ultimate Lone Survivor isthe game where you serve for your country against enemies. You haveassigned a mission as top commando to kill and destroy the enemysensitive military area. You are alone who needs to survive in thisbattle and complete the country army mission. You also equippedwith the latest army weapons like Mini Gun, Rocket Launcher,Air-Striker and Ammunition to destroy your country enemies, saveand survive himself from the brutal enemy attack.Master challengingobjective of the Ultimate Lone Survivor is to destroy the enemymilitary area and face the resistance from the enemy infantrytroops, Humvees and helicopter. You need to show them your shootingand striking strength as a loyal army soldier and commander who iswilling to do anything for his country. Get ready, grab your gunfor the battled field and it’s a do or die situation, otherwise youwill not been able to complete your mission. Feel the reality ofthe war zone with good firing sound effects from the mini gun,rocket launcher and air strike. Enemy is everywhere, you just needto move on and show your best striking and shooting skills withmini gun.Game Features:• Furious, breakneck commando shooting andstriking war game• Beautiful realistic 3d battlefield • Modern armyweapons• Armors to protect your self • Air striker help• Real soundeffects• 3D and HD Graphics• Good control of the weapons• Leveloriented game
Shoot Them All: Commando 1.4 APK
Union apps
Have you ever heard a single commando has attacked on the base ofenemies and occupied it? Well, here we have a commando a deathshooter, a head hunter , mentally sharp, physically tough and welltrained. The Commando has been launched to the enemy forces camp tooccupy the camp and than call the forces from the headquarter tocontrol this camp. "Shoot them all: Commando " is a game in which asingle commando move from his base camp with required and necessaryweapons and equipment, but, his mission to kill and shoot each andevery personal in the enemy base to gain his objective of success.As, he approach the enemy has got some intelligence reports thatthe enemies are going to raid on the camp, so they are alert andattentive , they are prepare for a big attack, and to deceive themtactically the commando is launched only one to escape from theireye sights and penetrate in the camp. So, he has entered and nowselecting his prey one by one, and, shooting them in each and everycorner where ever they appear. Let's see, how long do you take tooccupy the base and celebrate the victory. A victory for a soldierand commando is the best ever happiness in his military life. Thecommandos love shooting and military tactics, aiming and huntingenemies give them pleasure. Top priority of all world recognizedforces are marines, commandos, snipers and assault personals. Theyare the key role players in surgical strikes, in hit and runactions, in assault and stealth missions. Here, you have to proveyour skills. HOW TO PLAY THE GAME: You can see the enemies numberon the display to shoot and bring them down. You have to clear thebase one bye one small missions. Use your pistol and shot gun asper your convenience. The enemies have strong communication systemto alert each other. Try to hide yourself much as possible, onceyou have seen some one, don't give a moment to escape. Left half ofthe display is to move forward, backward or left and right. Righthalf of the display is to view around Shoot with fire button andzoom to aim better. FEATURES OF THE GAME: 1. Best ever real 3Denvironment of military camp and soldiers. 2. Easy and friendlyUser interface3. Multiple weapons like pistol and Shot gun4. Realsounds with nice music5. Free action game with multiple missions6.Offline play support Note: The game is just for fun, there is noobjective behind to promote the violation or offence. Lets fun.
Sniper Hunt and Drive 1.0 APK
Union apps
Do you want to hunt the wild animals in the winter in white forestwith your sniper gun? Then download and enjoy the fully featuredSniper Hunting and Drive from Google Play Store at your androiddevice for free. You are hunting in the forest where you can findthe different wild animals like bear, eagle and owl. It offers youthe most thrilling jungle hunting game using sniper on your mobiledevice and I must assure you would feel the experience of realwhite forest sniper hunting where wild animals waiting for yourbest sniper skills.Become the hunter of the wild animals in whiteforest, drive your jeep or a vehicle in the mountain area of thejungle and become the ultimate hunter of jungle after using yoursniper gun. Your challenge as the sniper hunting and drive beginsinside the mountains in a white jungle filled with wild animals.Animal hunting and killing is an action pack game filled withadventurous hunting with your sniper rifle. Find beasts, aim withyour gun and take the best shot. Sniper hunting and drive is ashooting game filled with the thrill of killing bear, owl, andeagle for current version and lion, wolf, deer and many more forupcoming version.The hunting environment is filled with trees,green forest, hill, mountains overlap with white snow. You havebeen trained as a pro sniper shooter to hunt with perfect shootingskills. Enter the wilderness with your sniper rifle and the onlyway to survive is hunting. So don’t let the beasts to attack onyou, find the wild animal and hunt them down. About Sniper Hunt& Drive:-Sniper Hunt and Drive is a first personshooting/hunting game inside the realistic jungle environment tohunt down the beast and drive your jeep to stay alive and safe fromthe wild animals of forest. It’s a challenging series for you toprove how much a perfect shooter/hunter you are. Real huntsman doesnot scare from extreme weather conditions either snow or a desert.Prove your sniper shooting skills and kill the beasts. The Gamewill let you experience killing and hunting and make you a modernsniper of this era. This is how real huntsman survive while huntingand also to save the innocent deer from the wild beasts.Hunting isthe practice of killing or trapping any animal, or pursuing it withthe intent of doing so. Hunting wildlife or feral animals is mostcommonly done by humans for food, recreation, or trade. Inpresent-day use, lawful hunting is distinguished from poaching,which the illegal is killing, trapping or capture of the huntedspecies. The species that are hunted are referred to as game andare usually mammals and birds.Game Features:-• Multiple huntingenvironments (North Green Land, South America, Central Africa).•Best 3D graphics and game play effects.• Perfect sniper andshooting skills.• Addictive, loving & full of fun. • Brilliant4x4 car simulation.• Efficient gun control.• FPS HuntingSimulator.• Realistic animated animals to hunt.• Realistic soundeffects.• Free to play.• No playing time limit.
Police Detective Criminal Case 1.0 APK
Union apps
Do you want to join the New York Police and Central IntelligenceAgency (CIA) to solve the series of criminal cases? Then downloadand play the fully featured Police Detective Criminal Case in thepalm of your hand from Google Play Store at your android device forfree. It offers you the most comprehensive captivating hiddenobject and adventure series. In Police Detective Criminal Case, asa detective/investigator of the U.S police need to drive the carand follow the map to reach the destination (crime scene).Investigate the crime scene for evidences, bring the suspects infor questioning and analyze the proofs to catch the murderer.Police Detective Criminal Case, is not the generic adventure gameand there is no happy ending in this scenario, you can either winor lose the game.Game Features:• Investigate crime scene • 10levels with different crime scene• Car driving during criminalcase• Realistic car driving experience with investigation•Realistic sound environment• Examine clues and analyze theevidences• Interrogate the witnesses and defendants • Bring thekiller to justice• Get help with your family and friendsExerciseyour brain to find out more objects faster and feel sharper withevery new scene. Logic and observation your key while playing thePolice Detective Criminal Case.
Soldier Survival Quest 1.1 APK
Union apps
There are lot of survival games on Google play, here is the new andunique in its category. A soldier having no weapon, has to survivefollowing hard military training, high moral of fighting with allconditions of ground including cold weather. A soldier has tofight, stay alive, achieve target, come back home safely using noweapon at all. The only weapon he has got is Archery. A bow andaero to hunt zebra for food. The survival quest of a commandosoldier who was flying on Jet on his mission and his plane crashedon an Island. He jumped using his parachute and, landed in ajungle. He found there are dangerous animals around. He has tocontact back to the control room and ask the help. He has to searchthe Radio communication device somewhere on the Island. Soldier hasto avoid bears on his way and search the whole area to find theradio for communication. If He walks up to certain level towardbear, The bear will attack on him. There is no weapon, no gun, nosniper, no pistol or any assault rifle to combat with bear. Theonly way is to avoid his circle and find the Radio. As long as hewalks, his hunger increases, If the hunger level comes to zero hecan die due to hunger. To maintain his level of health and hungerhe has to use the food like fruits and coconut available ondifferent points. If he doesn't find the fruits he can hunt thezebra to use it for food. There are two missions the second missionis the snow area and you have to keep yourself warm to stayphysically fit. In this mission the Soldier may die due to cold ifhe doesn't find the food or warm clothes to survive. Objects tofind: 1. Multiple fruits like cherry, apple, banana etc. to reducehunger. 2. Radio for communications with control room. 3. Bow andaero to hunt Zebras for food which will reduce hunger. 4. MedicalKit to restore health level. How to play: > Left navigationbutton to walk forward. > Right navigation button to lookaround> Stone or Aero Buttons to through stone or Aero. walkusing navigation buttons on left, right, back and forward. Tap thethrough button to through stone or aero to hunt zebra for food. Youneed several stones to hit zebra but, a single aero is enough tohunt zebra. Avoid Bears to reach to your objects and complete yourmission. Game Features: > Real 3D graphics environment>Simple and cool survival game> No explosive, no bullets and noshooting> Tactical and intelligent game> Archery as a weaponfor animal hunting