1.0 / April 27, 2018
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Keep your defense up and shoot the dead's zombie in this amazingfirst person-shooter. A dangerous virus spread all over theamerican city and huge ratio of citizens convert into crazy deadzombie list. This time you will save people from that killer zombievirus to kill all the zombies by using your sniper guns in zombieshooters kill the zombies that are hide on railway station and suckhuman blood in shooting zombie games. Zombies are enter in the cityand kill police man in zombie survival 2018. So be quick and visitthe police station along with your commando team to kill thatzombies by using your special snipers in shooting zombie arena. Alot of brutal zombies walk on the street area; where they attackpeoples that are sit on the parks or other city area in americanzombie shooter. Save the people that are busy on telephone booth,zombie saw him and ready to attack that man in zombie shooting ofgames 2018. Save your city from huge destruction by taking controlon that crazy dead zombies in this fps shooter 2018. Secure yourcommando by using vaccination injections in zombies survivalgames.Save people that are hijacked on offices, canteen or inschools because of modern zombie attack. You're the best leader andprovide vaccination to your city and erase that dangerous zombievirus in sniper games 2018. Become the best fort night shooter andkill the entire immortal zombies by using different type of gunswith long range shooting accuracy in zombie shooting of games. Savecivilians that are stand on bus stop and trying to kill that humansin zombie shooter 18. You will also save people that are injuredand hide on locomotive trains in killing zombie games. Use yourrifles and take excellent shot to kill that bloody zombies in fpsgames 2018. Take responsibility of your country and kill thezombies to clean your city from that immortal zombies in shootinggames. Show your real elite commando expertise and win that zombiessurvival war without any damage in zombie shooter games. We willgive you addictive zombie games environment with stunning zombieshooter guns. Save people that are on school bus before 3d zombieattack on it in zombie shooting of games. You will also savevaccination drugs train from zombie and deliver that injectionsuavely in city and kill the zombies in this zombie shooters. A lotof this type shooting missions with real zombie shooting atmospherein zombie shooter games. Become the excellent fps shooter and killthe entire brutal zombie and win that sniper games contest inzombie games 2018. Save army bus from crazy zombies attack bykilling them immediately in fps games. You have a short timeduration to kill the zombie and save humans from crazy zombieattacks in zombies survival games. Use your sniper guns and killthat real dead zombies to reach your destination successfully inzombie killing games. Become the rogue sniper and kill the zombiesthat are hide on buildings or other train workshop area in zombieshooter games. Don't waste your time, if you show any laziness thenthey kill the innocent peoples and mission will be failed in zombiegames 2018. You will take astonishing fun during play this mostaddictive game of real zombie shooting in this zombie sniper 2018.Come and quickly download this zombies survival game. Good Luck!Zombies survival fps apocalypse shooter Features:⦁ Ultra-realisticfps games smooth control⦁ Realistic zombie survival physics⦁Accurate and amazing sniper guns⦁ A lot of killing zombie missionson different city environment⦁ Amazing special camera effects andslow-motion zombie games animationIt's totally free to play soquickly download this interesting game of real zombie shooting.

App Information Zombies Survival Fps Apocalypse Shooter

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    Zombies Survival Fps Apocalypse Shooter
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    April 27, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Mechanic Game Studio
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    Village Dhonike, Wazirabad , Pakistan 52000
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Ninja Shadow Stickman Turtle Warrior 1.0.1 APK
Can you survive as teenage mutant stickman ninja in stick man citywith full of shadow ninja warriors?Feel yourself like a super ninjawarrior stick man ninja and be cautious about stealth killing ofthe shadow villains. Save your life from the shadow warrior and runlike a ninja, this is the game in which you can actually feel likea ninja. If you kill lot of ninja in combo you can become monsterninja and end them all in a single shot.Play as action flying ninjawarrior stick man & fight super ninja of stickman crime citywith your mutant ninja shadow warrior and sword fighting skills.Hide from other ninja and teenage mutant ninja and flying ninja inshadow and attack with fighter flying ninja champ show your mutantninja tactics in teenage mutant ninja game to fight bad ninja anddeadly ninja. Swing your teen fight ninja stick to clean stickmancity from bad ninja and incredible monsters ninja with the edge ofyour blade. Apart from that hide in hidden points and wait forother ninja to trap and kill go rouge like a turtle ninja. Showsome ninja tactics in this ninja game and become a ninja champ.Hardcore ninja fight for their mission. In this critical mission ofgrand auto Vegas city crush the monster brutally with your sword.Be a turtle warrior corda in this best ninja game, do not let theshadow warrior escape stand like a warrior assassin prince in thiscombat.Beware of the white ninja they are most deadly they haveweapons from the future. Superhero is here to end the vendettacrime of city, this teenage mutant hardcore ninja shadow is notgoing to wait for the backup, and he got powers so he is goannagive justice himself for week peoples. This is not some kind ofleague of war it is about your survival. Special Skills- Attackfrom shadows- Special ninja animations- Become incredible monsterninja - Defeat the ninja boss. P.S it’s not goanna easy - Plan yourattack and trap all ninja one place to end the war one for all-Survive like today is not your last dayThis episode is full ofaction Ninja Shadow Warrior goodness. Be ready for this free ninjacombat in the dark night of terror in which superhero ninjastickman squad fight with shadow turtle warriors. You are afearless hero and a city fighter so show the power of your swordand climb the barrier like a ninja hero and escape ninja likeshadow. Ninja Shadow Warrior gives you a chance to show your skillsof jumping from one to another like a super ninja kill the enemiesas soon as possible by your sword. But be careful, as you advancethis will become harder and tougher. So waiting for what? Learn& apply all tactics on ninja to win the war against incrediblesuper hero ninja legends.
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The key to stay alive is to stay alive whatever happen. You are injungle starving to death. Human body needs food and power proteinis a perfect diet to eat. Hunt down animals in forest and eat it tosurvive. That’s not the only thing you do. You also need to protectdeer from lions and other predators. Don’t let your food to eatothers. Compete with other players who is best shooter. Kill deerin given time as many as you can. These are the last days ofsurvival apocalypse on earth. Snipper shooters are most deadly inan incredible and huge Safari world forest, where your mission isto stay alive and hunt as many deer as you can. Hunting era hascome. Deer among us. Snipper Hunter Champion: Deer Shooting is aDeer Shooting sniper game. These reptiles and their animations areas real. Become an ultimate heroic Deer hunter, strike the Deer,catch your prey! This is a war between your life for food and thesurvival humans. Thrilling and adventurous deer hunting missionshas been designed so that you could feel real deer huntingadventure while hunting. Different kinds of shooting guns e.g.sniper, pistol is available in this hunting game you must selectany gun according to your choice and start hunting the deers. Ineach coming level number of deers will be more than the previousone so you have to all the deers in the given time to complete eachlevel successfully. Multiple environment e.g. desert, mountains,desert and snow have been designed so that you could become thebest hunter and could hunt the deers in any situation without anydangerous. Your life is very important to hunt deers so be safe,protect yourself from any wild animal attack in the jungle. If youwill die then your mission will be failed and you have to playagain to complete the hunting mission. Hunt and look at thephoto-realistic deer and lions, from small to giant, fromherbivores to carnivores, in this fabulous simulation. Thisoutstanding high-end shooting game of hunting in the jungle givesyou the wonderful opportunity to explore and dive into theimpressive super deer adventure. The game scene has a great safarijungle land in the woods far from city. To build a winning BattleArena team, you’ll need to design the most efficient and effectiveSnipper team, one that will allow your Snippers to Enjoy Deershooting game. You can rescue your life by a speed run racingyourself from lions or attack them in this war. Do not stand still,fire and reload your weapon's charge, it isn't a forest puzzle.Move, at this time your damage value from a clash with the forestmonsters will gradually decrease but not the hippopotamus. If youneed to take rest after active battles on this survival arena, makea break using pause mode, where you'll be completely invisible.Features: • Smooth Game Play • Good high quality graphics •Different Snippier Guns • Jungle environment with full of horror •Great audio effects • Increasing number of clever deer in eachcoming level • Realistic deer running and eating grass animations •aim to set the exact target on the deer • Camera zoom facility towatch deer from far away • Career mood and championship mood •Different deer animations • And a forest full of animals you mayhaven’t see before It’s open season join the hunt today! Developedfor fans of FPS games, Sniper games, Hunting Simulators, and theDeer Hunter games. Disclaimer: - This game is free to play, but youcan choose to pay real money for some extra items, which willcharge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing byadjusting your device settings. -This game is not intended forchildren. - Please buy carefully. - Advertising appears in thisgame. Remember that we're always reading your feedback and are hardat work creating new Weapons, features and of course fixing anybugs you may find. Leave your feedback and suggestions we willappreciate.
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farming sim 18: tractor simulator will let you become a realfarmer! Take yourself in an awesome open world and start enjoyingthis great farming simulator. Harvest different types of crops,manage your livestock - cows, sheep, turkeys, pigs. Experience thefarming life, transport woods, hays. This Farmer Simulator willallow you to play with many machines, tractors, combines, trucks,trailers, plows, seeders and many more Start your agriculturalcareer in farming sim 18: tractor simulator on mobile and tablet!Take control of your farm and its fields to fulfil your harvestingdreams. farming sim 18: tractor simulator is top free farming simgame. Enjoy farming simulation and the next level of future. DriveTractor trolley with different difficulty levels. Go for animal’scheck-up in hospital. Enjoy variety of creative game modes andchallenging levels. In milk transport levels do not let trolley tocollide with other traffic your delivery gets destroyed. MilkTransport is most important task. You can opt out for variouscareer modes like multi crop harvesting tasks, feed stocktransportation to the market, various harvesting machines andselling grains. Farm sim is always fun to play. This is free farmsimulator game. You can use different farming fields and differentpatterns to plow seed grains and enjoy the ultimate Village LifeSimulation Game. Variety of advanced heavy duty Tractors andCultivators modify your farming skills and a lifetime experience tobecome the Farmer. Use little cranes to move ready to sell stock tothe transportation vehicles like trolleys and cargo transportvehicles.  Realistic Vehicles and Machineries (tractors, combines,plows, harvesters, seeders, trailers, trucks,) Mow grass, tedderand windrow it to create hay bales to feed to your cows, then selltheir milk to the highest bidder Challenging levels and missionsto improve real life farming Many Type of plants to harvestVisually manage your livestock Next Generation GraphicsOpen-World Career Incredible Weather System Enjoy Snow weather asChristmas arriving  Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilting controlsChallenge your friends by sharing online your statistics andachievements!farming sim 18: tractor simulator is free game free toplay. farming sim 18: tractor simulator contains in app purchases.Please leave your feedback its important for us.
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It says, “The true heroes are born in the street fighting” but whatif you are a super villain and dare to defeat the superheroes infree style street fighting, feel the power and strength of Revengein your hands, wielding a real fighting superhero machine. It'syour time to be the master of all superheroes of history for FREE!Choose your superhero like a super spider hero and compete instreet fights. Form the creators of Superhero VS Spider HeroFighting Arena RevengeEnjoy all new mood of kungfu fighting withliquid flow UI smooth game play, controls of this games are veryeasy difficulty is to you cannot defeat simply someone if you areordinary player become a super hero of ring superhero of street andsuperhero of fighting by playing Superhero Fighting Kungfu FightStreet Arena this fight didn’t end until you defeat your opponentor you opponent defeat you. Superhero Fighting Kungfu Fight StreetArena the most furious 3D super heroes fight game simulation andultimate fighting adventure of all time. Prepare your ninja masterto begin your fighting game quest to become to become the ultimateKung Fu fighter champion Superhero Fighting Kungfu Fight StreetArena is here to give you a chance to become the strongest fighteron the earth playing a free wrestling game. Explore differentlocations like Dark Jungle, Blue Moon & Old Temple Wall Streetwhile fighting for your life and survive in the ring no matterwhat. Let the monster inside you to take over the streets andbecome champion of all. superhero kungfu street fight is free game.superhero street fighting is free to play.Enjoy different moods ofgame * Player vs player mood* Player vs AI* AI vs AI* PlayerTraining mood* Story moodCharacters* Introducing 12 superheroes *Every character has 25 animations* Every character now has its ownspecial attacking technique* You can use combo for each characterwith their special attacking technique* At each level your playergets stronger and learn new attacking and defencing movesGame Play*Clean environment * Smooth UIEnjoy Superhero Fighting Kungfu FightStreet Arena free game and don’t forget to give your feedback aboutthis game. A positive feedback along with your suggestions willhelp us to improve this game and provide you quality games infuture.