1.0 / April 18, 2016
(4.1/5) (14)


Play as Samurai to defend your KingdomagainstZombies. Upgrades your weapons for better defenses and tobetterkick out zombies. You are the one who come for bloodandBattle.
6 Different Weapons.
Easy Controls
Many levels and endless game play
4 Different Environments to Play
Night and Special Effect Environments
Many Rewards and Achievements.

App Information Zombies vs Samurai

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com.alifgamez.samuraicreed 1.52 APK
Alif Gamez
Samurai creed is the RPG fighting game in samurai style. TheMonster and witches occupies the world, The only hope is samuraicreed. Enjoy whole game play with nice sound effects and RPGFighting skills. So Don’t Wait install and enjoy samurai and becomethe hero of the world. Features: Compatible with all devices Coolenvironment with lighting effects Simple controls Smooth game play.
Bike Wheeling 2016 1.22 APK
Alif Gamez
Are you a stunt liker then show your riding and wheeling skill onthe sports bike. This game will let you feel the real wheeling andstunts. Just hold your breath and become the winner of wheeling2016. You must perform stunts in order to complete so pick up yourbike and go for the extreme stunts and wheeling. Different levelsneed different bike speed so do not forget to upgrade your bikes.Features Different wheeling and stunts Animation. Easy and simplecontrols Suitable to all users. 5 different bikes to play.
Bottle Shooter 3D-Deadly Game 3.5 APK
Alif Gamez
It is time to Show the Shooting Skill. Blast the bottles By Usingthe Gun, Every round is harder, than the last. The Challenge Is toSave the Man Not to Shoot So Be Care Full While Shooting OtherwiseYou will lose. Bottle shooting is the free casual game with expertand challenging levels. You are free to shoot anywhere or anyonebut the main aim is to shoot bottle. Miss the shot don’t worry youhave extra bullets. Shot the fatty guy instead of bottle? don’tworry? Enjoy the slow motion bullet and character die animation.Aim and shoot like never before by challenging yourself andfriends. Show your love toward Shooting game and be expert shooterin any Bottle game by breaking and shooting bottles. FEATURES 🔫Best for Shooting Lover. 🔫 A New Way Of Bottle Shooting. 🔫Excellent Slow Motion Bullet Action and Effects with AmazingGraphics. 🔫 Challenging And Fun Game Play 🔫 Easy to Difficultlevels 🔫 3D Graphic with realistic bottle. Do not forget to sharewith your friends your highest score of these bottle shoot game onTwitter, Facebook and Google+! Like the shooting game don’t forgetto rate us ★★★★★ and feedback us. Feel free to contact as at
Climb Furious 2 1.1 APK
Alif Gamez
Once again Furious comeback with new features and ride. Try yourfurious towards the Undead Skeletons and become the real Rider.Play with different Monster trucks and increase you riding skills.Face challenges of hill climbing environments with lots of obstaclearound the rides. Stunts require both timing and speed so earn andupgrade special trucks to complete difficult levels. You havelimited time to complete the hill.Features:User friendly Controls.2different modes to play.5 different high speed monstertrucks.Horror Environment with undead Skeleton.Amazing Stuntsareas.Design with high resolution to enjoy on tablets too.
Zombies vs Samurai -Dead Rise 1.0.1 APK
Alif Gamez
The Game Will Let you Fight With Different 6 Weapons swordsIncluding Punches and Kicks. Get Cool 3D City and GraveyardEnvironment with Full of Zombies. Collect Treasures Box and Gems toUnlock the Swords, Axes, and Much More.Features:Endless ZombiesGame with 7 WeaponsTwo Themes To Play AroundCool Animation ofCharacters to Fight Around The Zombies Get Slow Motion DeadAnimationTreasures Boxes and Gems To CollectDifferent Task ToCompleteThird Person Camera Fighting GameGet Different SwordStrength To Hit ZombiesEasy ControlsCompatible with Almost AllTablets
Zero Gravity Run 1.14 APK
Alif Gamez
Protect The Robot From The Obstacle And Enemies by possiblyShooting And Moving In TheSpaceFeatures---------------------------- User FriendlyControlsDifferent Themes To PlayReal Graphic And SoundEffectsInteresting Game Play
Climb Furious 1.34 APK
Alif Gamez
Play one of the best Title Game Hill climb with more fun andaddiction. Try your furious towards the Undead Skeletons and Becomethe Best Hunter and Monster Rider. Play with different Monstertrucks and increase you riding skills. Hill is too big to ride butit’s always fun to reach the hill. Features: Two different modes toplay. 5 different monster trucks with different speed. HorrorEnvironment with undead Skeleton. Amazing Stunts areas. Design withhigh resolution to enjoy on tablets too.
Archery Evil Shooter 3D 1.15 APK
Alif Gamez
Get Ready, Evil is all around the area; go on shooting the EvilMonsters. The only things you have Bow and Arrows. They are Mercyless so don’t show any mercy toward Evils. You are a good Archer somake them show what you are. Enjoy Archery Shooting game by huntingand killing evils, monster and skeleton that are undead. ArcheryEvil Shooter 3D is all about hunting, killings the Mercy less Eviland Monsters.FeaturesFull on Horror Sounds and Effects.AdvanceGraphic with Lights Effects.5 Bows to choose .SimpleControls.Compatible with all tablets and devices.Fully Game PlayHelp .