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CorrLinks 1.2.1
CorrLinks is a way for family and friends to electronicallycommunicate with their loved ones incarcerated in institutions.Established through a relationship between a corrections agency andATG, this system allows family and friends to subscribe toCorrLinks services. Currently all Federal Bureau of Prisons andDepartment of Corrections (DOC) for the States of Iowa,Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Nevada and Oklahoma institutions allowsuch communication. Note: To use this app, you must have a paidPremier Account subscription. Details are available here: The apphas the following features: • Stay in contact with your loved oneswith real time alerts. Receive immediate push notifications to yourdevice every time you receive a new message! • Eliminates login ona mobile device! • Messages to your inbox download automaticallyand available on your local device for faster access! • Messagespreviously read are in your inbox and don’t need to be downloadedagain! • Retain all of your messages for 60 days, instead of 30! •Own multiple mobile devices? Attach up to 3 of your mobile devices(phone, tablet etc.) to your account! • Eliminates Captcha on themobile app – that hard to read verification process! • A PremierAccount only costs $6.00 per YEAR! That’s just $.50 a month! Takeadvantage of this offer today. If you have issues with the app,please contact CorrLinks support at:
CorrLinks Video 1.0.2
No longer limited to a computer, CorrLinks users can visit withtheir incarcerated family/friends from the convenience of theirmobile device – anywhere, anytime!Full color video with clear audiocommunication; talk face to face for a cost not much more than aphone call of equal length!Video session times are set by eachinstitution, but are generally available every day of theweek!CorrLinks users are not charged for video sessions, ratherthey accept invitations from their incarcerated family/friends.Talk to your incarcerated family member/friend about setting up avideo session today!CorrLinks Video sessions are live at designatedlocations with plans to roll out Bureau wide. Check with yourincarcerated family member/friend for availability.Video sessionslast 25 minutes, starting at the top and bottom of each hour.