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LearnWISE™ – is a leading digital learning platformbrought to you by Wadhwani Foundation. This application is forinstitutes, faculty, students and budding entrepreneurs toorganize, learn, connect and grow their skills from anywhere.LearnWISE has been adopted by students and faculty from variousinstitutes around the world, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia,Philippines, East Africa and Latin America!  We take pride inbeing able to offer this platform along with all the digitalcontent for free. If you would like for your institute to be a partof our community, please reach us https://learnwise.org.
Wadhwani Advantage 1.4.4
Wadhwani Advantage helps Start-ups and Small businesses acceleratetheir growth by providing personalised, on-demand knowledge andcurated advisory, consulting resources through an AI-enabled mobileplatform. Make the right connections and get the right mentors •Connect with leading mentors and advisors in the industry to getyour business on the growth track. • Schedule zoom meetings, senddirect messages and get advice on improving your business fromseasoned mentors. • Chat with your colleagues and Advisors one onone. Get personalised content to scale your business • Getpersonalised and tailored videos, articles and blogs curated by ourAI based recommendation engine. For detailed Privacy Policy, pleasevisit https://advantage.wfglobal.org/privacy-policy/en/
Mera Job Mera Career 1.6
If you are a job-seeking individual or a skilling-domainstudent,this app will give you information about India’s top 12sectors inthe skilling domain, and help you make an informeddecision aboutwhich sector or industry to make your career in.These sectorsinclude Retail, Hospitality and Tourism, IT/ITeS,Banking andFinance, Security, Logistics, Healthcare, Automotive,Telecom,Construction, Beauty and Wellness, and Electronics andHardware.Mera Job Mera Career provides the following informationabout eachsector: 1. About the sector 2. Sub-sectors 3.Popularemployers/companies 4. Kind of work 5. Eligibility 6. Careergrowthpath 7. Job roles 8. Day in life video 9. Where are the jobs10.Job and information portals to apply for jobs 11. Find aPMKVYTraining Center to get skilled 12. Employer/company websites