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Draw from a paper bag 0.95d
This application can help you make draws with animated images, likea movie.You can organize events such as a raffle or secret friendwith this app, or just use it as a random numbers generator.Putnumbers or names in the paper bag, shake the bag and see the paperstrip with the name drawn.Allows more than one winner per draw(keep drawing after obtaining the first result).You can also set adraw with repetition. In this case, the same name/number can bedrawn more than once.Another useful feature is to save in a file(export) the list of names entered in the current draw, so that itcan later be retrieved (import).The list of names can also begenerated in any text editor of your choice and saved in a "txt"file, then imported into the app.NEW FEATURE: as of version 0.84,there is a random numbers generator for lotteries.If you have anyquestions, please see the integrated help.ABOUT PERMISSIONS:-Permission "Photos / media / files" is required for access to theinternal SD card in order to save or retrieve files (import andexport features).No personal information is requested or recordedby this app.This application is completely free and has noadvertisements!