2.0 / December 31, 2014
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December 3, 2014 UPDATE: The old GRID Beta app is going to beofficially shut down on December 31, 2014. We recommend all usersfinish their games and switch to the new GRID Gaming Servicehttp://shield.nvidia.com/grid-game-streamingwhich is now integrated into the SHIELD Hub, expands the serviceregions, and includes more games.

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    Publish Date: 2016 /4/22
    Requires Android: Android 4.2+ (Jelly Bean, API: 17)
    File Size: 265.6 kB
    Tested on: Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean, API: 18)
    File Sha1: 3293ec39c58b75896113e5eca4cd0c86d636ce22
    APK Signature: 64c1e9c3a94c58075cdd40c7df789ca922fb1c65
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Play a huge library of amazing games on NVIDIA® SHIELD™ deviceswith the NVIDIA Games app. Learn more about SHIELD athttp://shield.nvidia.com. What you’ll find inside: • PREMIUMANDROID GAMES SHIELD is the best way to enjoy premium Android™games—from family favorites and indie hits to advanced games withrich graphics and intense multiplayer action. • GEFORCE NOW GAMESStream the incredible performance of GeForce® GTX gaming graphicsto your SHIELD device with GeForce NOW™Steam your PC games frompopular digital stores or free-to-play titles to your SHIELD devicewith GeForce NOW™. And only on SHIELD, get started with a selectionof free games.. Simply click on any GeForce NOW game in the NVIDIAGames app to start playing. • NVIDIA GAMESTREAM™ GAMES Cast yourlibrary of PC games from your GeForce GTX PC to your SHIELD devicefor a big-screen living room experience. Enjoy direct access toSteam Big Picture. Game your way, with the NVIDIA Games app onSHIELD. For more information, please visit:http://shield.nvidia.com.
NVIDIA TegraZone 2 2.9.5 APK
NVIDIA TegraZone: Find the best Android games.Finding the bestAndroid games just got easier. With the TegraZone app for yourNVIDIA® Tegra™-powered device, you can easily find games that areoptimized to exploit the full potential of the Tegra 2, Tegra 3,and Tegra 4 mobile processor. TegraZone supports game controllernavigation on devices such as NVIDIA SHIELD and Mad CatzMOJO.Version 2.9 now also supports non-Tegra devices so those userscan explore and discover the great games that NVIDIA and ourpartners think are best enjoyed on Tegra devices.Discover unique,premium games for Android that deliver more visually-stunninggraphics and smoother gameplay, so you can get the most out of yourTegra-powered mobile device.TegraZone supports all Tegra-powereddevices such as the NVIDIA SHIELD, tablets including the Nexus 7,Asus Transformer Prime TF201, Transformer Infinity TF700,Transformer Pad TF300, Acer A500, A510, A100, Toshiba AT300; andphones including the HTC One X, Motorola Droid X2, Electrify,Photon 4G, Atrix, and Samsung Captivate Glide. Customize: Youdecide if you'd like to find out the moment something new is addedto TegraZone or not by turning notification pop-ups on or off fromthe settings menu.Discover: Get all of the top games for Android atyour fingertips. Find Android games to download quickly andeasily.Learn: Access professional game reviews, high-resscreenshots, HD videos, and behind-the-scenes footage for the topAndroid games. Share: Connect TegraZone to your social networks andlet your friends know about your favorite new apps. The TegraZoneapp is a curated, editorial-driven merchandising front-end designedto enhance the shopping and discovery experience of differentiatedgames sold in Android Market. When a user decides on a game topurchase within the app, he/she clicks “Get It Now.” This actionlinks the user to the Android product page for that game wherehe/she finalizes the purchase and downloads the game. The completesales transaction, game download, and game support happen withinthe Android Market through Google and the game developer.TegraZoneis not intended to replace the purchase, download, or functionalityof Google Play, but rather to compliment it by providing aselection of premium games that developers believe will offer anexceptional experience for users of Tegra-powered phones andtablets.If you are looking for the best games for yourTegra-powered device, then TegraZone is a must-have Android app foryou. Please note that some games featured on TegraZone runexclusively on devices with an NVIDIA Tegra Processor. Google Playwill notify you of any incompatibilities.INSTALLBy installing theTegraZone application, you are confirming that you have read andagree to be bound by the License For Customer Use of NVIDIASoftware(http://www.nvidia.com/content/DriverDownload-March2009/licence.php?lang=us).Notification pop-ups are enabled by default and may be disabledin the settings menu. Permissions: Posting game comments withinTegraZone requires storage of emailaddress.FAQ:http://nvidia.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/nvidia.cfg/php/enduser/std_alp.php?p_pv=1.136
NVIDIA® Dabbler™ v3.03 3.03 APK
NOTE: To upgrade to the latest versionplease make sure you have installed OTA 2.2 or newerNVIDIA® Dabbler™ is an art simulation app for the SHIELD tabletwith realistic watercolor and oil painting effects.• Watch virtual water dribble down and seep into your on-screencanvas, powered by real-time fluid-simulations.• Apply and manipulate thick globs of oil paint to create your nextoil painting masterpiece.• Sketch effortlessly thanks to the super-low pen-to-ink latency,made possible with NVIDIA DirectStylus™ 2 technology.Dabbler turns your SHIELD tablet stylus into an artist’sbrush.Features include:• Realistic GPU-accelerated watercolor and oil paintingeffects• Selectable paper models• Custom color mixing circle• User adjustable brush wetness• Adjustable pressure sensitivity• Multiple layer support, including: standard inter-layeroperations, scaling, translation• Intelligent shape recognition mode• Enhanced palm rejection with stylus only mode• Material Design-inspired UI• Stream live painting sessions• Record and share painting sessions• Shareable canvases for collaborative painting• Google Print support• Additional downloadable showcase canvasesShowcase Gallery:Users are creating masterpieces on their SHIELD tablets. And we’vebeen showcasing them on our deviantART gallery. Join the galleryand see what others are creating. Or show off what you’ve beendoing with SHIELD tablet and Dabbler.Learn More:Dabbler is only available to owners of a SHIELD tablet. To learnmore and buy, visit shield.nvidia.com/gaming-tablet/.
NVIDIA Tegra FaceWorks Demo 0.23 APK
NVIDIA's amazing FaceWorks application that demonstrates moregraphics performance on Tegra mobile processors than many desktopand notebook PCs have. This demo requires a device with an NVIDIATegra K1 processor.Please note that there is a bug in the app thatprevents it from being available on Nexus 9 tablets at the moment.It is being addressed and an update will be issued when it isfixed.
GRID Beta 2.0 APK
December 3, 2014 UPDATE: The old GRID Beta app is going to beofficially shut down on December 31, 2014. We recommend all usersfinish their games and switch to the new GRID Gaming Servicehttp://shield.nvidia.com/grid-game-streamingwhich is now integrated into the SHIELD Hub, expands the serviceregions, and includes more games.
Titanfall Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK
Experience Titanfall, how and where you want, with a GeForce® GTX™graphics card and the NVIDIA® SHIELD™ gaming portable. Titanfall isthe first next-gen shooter that combines pure adrenaline,wall-running, double-jumping action with powerful, fast-paced titanwarfare setting a new bar for online multiplayer gameplay.NVIDIA and Respawn have teamed up to bring you an amazingTitanfall experience. In anticipation of playing the gamethemselves, NVIDIA designers developed this live wallpaper and madeit available for all Android and Tegra users.This is Titanfall – The Way It's Meant to be Played.
NVIDIA VR Viewer - Beta 1.1.27 APK
With the NVIDIA VR Viewer App, you can enjoy 360 stereo panoramicimages on your smartphone based on two exciting NVIDIAtechnologies: NVIDIA Ansel® technology is a revolutionary new wayto capture in-game screenshots. Compose your shots from anyposition, adjust with post-process filters, capture HDR images inhigh fidelity formats on your PC, and share your screenshots in 360for playback on your smartphone. NVIDIA® Iray® VR technology tapsinto the power of NVIDIA GPUs to let users quickly generateimmersive VR experiences of their 3D designs with amazing accuracy.Iray uses ray tracing to deliver a precise feel of the finishedproduct, allowing architects and designers to immerse themselves inphoto-realistic 3D models of buildings, cars, and other designsprior to any physical prototype being built. The NVIDIA VR ViewerApp provides users a sneak-peak of the images that users will beable to capture and view using these upcoming technologies. Notes:-- You must install the Google Cardboard App from the Google PlayStore to view 360 images with Cardboard. -- The "trigger" on yourCardboard device will advance you through different environments.-- Pressing “trigger” twice will take you to the previous panoramicimage. -- We recommend turning off Auto Brightness if brightnessadjustments are impacting your viewing experience. -- Viewercurrently supports JPG and PNG images generated by NVIDIA Ansel andIRAY. Images need to be of square dimension (1:1) for stereo and2:1 for mono with max resolution restricted to 4K * 4K.SystemRequirements: Android Lollipop or newer 2GB RAM or greater
GTC Mobile 4.0 APK
Official app for the GPU Technology Conference(GTC) 2016 from April 4th through April 7th in San Jose, CA. Viewpresentation schedules, venue map, or get important alerts. Loginto My GTC and plan sessions, join participant network, and viewsession replays.GPU Technology Conference (GTC) showcases some of the mosttransformative work in the computing industry today—includingartificial intelligence and deep learning, virtual reality,self-driving cars, and more. Through world-class education,including hundreds of hours of technical sessions, tutorials, paneldiscussions and moderated roundtables, GTC brings together thoughtleaders from a wide range of fields.Visit http://www.gputechconf.com/ for moreinformation about GTC 2016.For best results, we recommend you uninstall any previousversions of GTC Mobile before installing version