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Unique way for preschool children to learn and masterbasicmathematics skills in the format of a fun kitchen cookinggame. Asparents and teachers, we know that little children learnthe bestthrough fun and interaction. In this educational game,toddlerswill have fun playing and creating silly recipes in thekitchen,while getting automatically introduced to elementaryarithmeticskills. A revolutionary maths learning toy for small kidsin thisdigital age, this game combines everyday maths concepts withtheformal school (classroom)concepts. Build the foundation forbasicfundamentals of mathematics which touches your little ones'lifeevery day. Play in the kitchen and create cute recipes fromfruits,vegetables and sweets - and along the way get introducedtocounting (1,2,3...), adding (plus, +) and subtracting (minus, -)ina natural easy way. This free app is designed to introducenumberrecognition and mathematics in a playful engaging way and notbymemorization, which is boring and thus difficult. How toPlay:Little cartoon chefs tells you what they need to preparetheirsilly dishes - and you help by giving the exact numberofingredients through 3 levels of: Counting: find therightingredient and be careful in selecting the correct number aswell -then add it to the bowl by counting them one by one.Addition:solve an equation to give the ingredients to the masterchef - theequation comprises of 2 numbers to be added and they areindifferent color and the ingredients representing the numbers haveaglow of the same color - you can also touch and count them todothe addition. Subtraction: calculate the right number fromthisequation - the 2nd number in the sequence which needs tobesubtracted is represented by first showing and then creatingtheshadow of the represented number of ingredients. Features: -3kitchen with 3 different chefs for counting, additionandsubtraction. - select 1-10 or 10-20 as difficulty levels. -54surprising dishes with a combination of 54 different ingredientsaswell. - pronunciation of each ingredient name todevelopvocabulary. - every time the same recipe asks you fordifferentnumbers of the ingredients, making it challenging and funforrepeat gameplay. - mix the ingredients, eat the dish, burstanimalballoons. - develop numerical understanding and problemsolvingskills. - delightful interactive animations, music,sound-effects,voices and many more surprises. - 30 differentlanguages. Feedbackplease: If you have any feedback and suggestionson how we couldfurther improve the design and interaction of ourapps and games,please visit our website www.iabuzz.com or leave usa message atkids@iabuzz.com

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    Math game - learning preschool math
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    September 1, 2021
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    301 Zabeel Business Center, Karama P O Box 29389, Dubai
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    Requires Android: Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 10)
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It's a simple and fun educational app for little children includingbabies. Play while learning the pronunciation of common objectsfound in the bathroom. Watch them learn the names of numeroustoilet items, sets and accessories for personal hygiene; what theyneed when they take shower, brush teeth, wash hands, comb hair oreven when they just feel like playing with a rubber duck in thebathtub. Helps in their development of spatial, tactile, cognitiveand fine motor skills while playing 30 different puzzles. Alsoappropriate for toddlers with special needs and autism. And now wehave added 3 more new themes: Placing the objects in a scene Jigsawpuzzle Memory game Features: Simple and intuitive child-friendlyinterface 30 different languages including English, Arabic,Chinese, French, German, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Russian,Spanish… Easy movement of puzzle pieces across screen. High-qualitypictures and images. Happy background music, Drag and dropanimations, Balloon animation & happy cheering after eachcorrectly solved puzzle. The theme of this Puzzle is ‘Bath’, checkour other apps for more themes like ‘Animals’, 'Food', 'Kitchen','Furniture', 'Cars' and 'Tools' Feedback Please: If you have anyfeedback and suggestions on how we could further improve the designand interaction of our apps and games, please visit our websitewww.iabuzz.com or leave us a message at kids@iabuzz.com
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This game will swipe your little kids offtheir feet - you're looking at hours of educational fun for yourchildren, both toddlers and preschoolers. This tangram puzzle gameis a witty learning aid, as it helps your kids develop their visualmemory, logic, concentration, cognitive and fine motor skills.Specially designed to be appropriate for children with disabilitiessuch as autism, these mosaic jigsaw puzzles will help your kidslearn about shape & color diversity and recognition.How to Play:This game has 88 boards with actual objects drawn and not justabstract design. The design is made from a combination of 9 piecesof 12 different colors. The objective is to place the piece withthe right color and shape at the right position on the grid -select the color, then select the right piece and then touch thegrid where you want to place it. It also has a help for smallerkids to get started - this makes the pieces which are wronglyplaced, blink and so you can select the eraser and delete them -this also shows the right color and shape of the pieces on the gridas a border and so its easier to know what to put where.Features:• Simple & intuitive child-friendly interface.• Easy touch & place game play into the grid platform(14x12).• 15 different languages of object name text and pronunciation(English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean,Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Ukrainian, Polish& Dutch)• 88 fascinating puzzles for boys and girls - familiarizing themwith basic object names.• Different complexity levels that depend on number of pieces,shapes and colour diversity.• 3 Shapes, 9 different pieces, 12 different colors.• Help option - helps the beginners or younger kids play with nostress - shows them which pieces are wrongly placed.• Wrong puzzle placement attempt notifications by blinking of thecolor.• Eraser, helps your kid remove misplaced puzzles with nohassle.• Sweet background melodies which you can turn on/off.• Encouragement with happy smiley face after each correctly solvedpuzzle.• Universal app (for both phones and tablets).Privacy Disclosure:As parents ourselves, iAbuzz takes children's wellness and privacyvery seriously. Our app:• Does not contain links to social networks• Does not contain any advertising• Does not collect personal dataFeedback Please:If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we could furtherimprove the design and interaction of our apps and games, pleasevisit our website http://iabuzz.com/ or leave us a message atkids@iabuzz.com. We would beglad to hear from you as we are committed to update all of our appsand games on a regular basis with new features and also want to getsome ideas for future app development.
Kids Puzzle - learn 82 animals 3.1.2 APK
Are you ready to join our 82 funny animals on an amazingeducational adventure in the SeaWorld, Farm, Savannah & Jungle?We did some simple math, and created a *game-a-licious theory*"Super cute animals + Puzzles + Animal sounds + Animal pictures +Animal videos + Fun facts = The BEST educational game for preschoolchildren". Watch as your baby toddler learns first words &alphabets and the big brother or sister practice their speech &pronunciation. Motor skills development & matching differentjigsaw shapes of funny zoo animals has never been so fun, becausenow we have a reward after each finished puzzle, beside the regularballoon pop, your kids get to hear the animal name, the sound thatit makes, read fun facts and watch real life pictures or videos.This NO ADS game is super-easy and super-educational, making itappropriate for kids of all ages as well as children with autism.Gameplay & Features: - 82 hand-drawn animals from 4 fun themesto play with: Aquatic, Farm, Savannah & Jungle. - creative gameplay where each animal puzzle piece is broken very intuitively. -theme specific ambient music and cute sounds in the entire game tomake it more interesting for your young ones. - tons of animations& maximized interaction with all objects & puzzles for lotsof giggles and laughs. - applause, cheer and balloons onsuccessfully completing each animal puzzle. - animals come to lifeand play the animal name and audio sounds. - select the image iconto see real animal pictures, the video icon to see the animal inmotion and read the unique facts of each animal which are presentedwith the images. Privacy Disclosure: As parents ourselves, iAbuzztakes children's wellness and privacy very seriously. Our app: •Does not contain sharing links to social networks • Does notcontain advertising • Does not collect personal data FeedbackPlease: If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we couldfurther improve the design and interaction of our apps and games,please visit our website http://iabuzz.com/ or leave us a messageat kids@iabuzz.com. We would be glad to hear from you as we arecommitted to update all of our apps and games on a regular basiswith new features and also want to get some ideas for future appdevelopment.
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Sports fan are getting excited to compete in this new "unofficial"Olympics style free game. They select their own country, play ascute mascots, select any of the 10 summer games, earn medals, makenew records, challenge their friends' medals tally, make theircountry win in global rankings, and simply have lots of fun. Entirefamily will have true stadium and sports arena sensation with thecrowd cheering, countdowns, timers, flags, balloons and more.Adults as well as Kids will enjoy this game equally. 10 sports minigames :- High Jump: our little mascot needs your help, be preciseand press the jump button at the right moment to make sure he getsthe best score while jumping high over the bar. Sprint: Get ready,get set, GO! It’s a tricky path ahead, numerous single and doublehurdles are in your way, and it’s your job to help our cute mascotjump over them without losing speed and get to the finish line towin the gold trophy. Running: run as fast as you can – press therun button repeatedly to help our mascot reach the finish linefaster and don’t forget to press the boost-sprint button once yousee it, as it will help you reach the maximum speed. Swimming:Don’t wait till summer to take a dip in the pool. Our mascots areexcellent swimmers but they need your help to swim even faster -tap the two buttons alternatively and help win the gold medal.Basketball: It’s time to shoot some hoops, you have limited timethough, you can score up to 20 points for a single shot after 5consecutive shots. Practice makes one perfect, make a swish intothe net and a future NBA star will be born. American Football: Agame for the true NFL fan – point and kick that ball to get itinside the end zone in between the football goal posts, but becareful, the shooting angle changes all the time so adapt youraiming skills in order to have the top score. Bowling: (cute animalballs) It’s a Strike! Little bowlers will enjoy this modifiedbowling game where both the ball and the pins are animal shaped.Aim your ball at the right angle to knock down all the cute animalballs, they’re asleep but not for long! Darts: Are you a skilledarcher, then you’ll enjoy this balloon darts game. Aim and shootthe dart and hit the bulls-eye every time to get the highest score.Rafting: Row-row-row your boat gently down the stream… You need tohelp our little buddies get to the finish line as fast as possibleby avoiding the shore and sand islands in the fast flowing river.Formula Racing: Formula One fans, we’ve got one mini racing gamefor you too; pass all the other racers in the race track and trynot to hit them in order to cross the finish line in the quickesttime. Feedback Please: 
If you have any feedback and suggestions onhow we could further improve the design and interaction of our appsand games, please visit our website http://iabuzz.com/ orleave us a message at kids@iabuzz.com
Kids Coloring & Painting World 1.1.0 APK
A true app masterpiece for children - thisartistic game creates enjoyable experiences and supportsdevelopment at the same time. As Picasso once said: “It took mefour years to paint like Raphael, but a life time to paint like achild.” Well who knows, maybe you have your little own Picasso,Rembrandt, Dali or Monet right at home and you still don't know it:)These Colouring Books will help your kids develop theircreativity, as well as their aesthetic skills; work on their finemotor skills, stimulate a different form of self-expression andlearn more about their emotions.Coloring & Painting is much more than just a simpleactivity, it is a way for children to do many important things:convey ideas, explore color, process and outcomes and createaesthetically pleasing works and experiences. With "Kids Coloringand Painting World" now you can allow your toddlers to freely workwith paints and colour without worrying that you'll have to cleanup a big mess after each fun creative session.31 Themes with 191 hand drawn age-appropriateillustrations:* Planes & Hot Air Balloon (airplanes up in the sky,helicopters and hot air balloons, you'll find your favoritehere)* Space (paint numerous planets of different sizes, astronauts orspaceships & UFO's)* Mountains (beautiful sceneries waiting to be brought to life witha little painting magic)* Trees (green ones, red ones, yellow ones, fruity ones why noteven pink ones)* Dinosaurs (A real Jurassic park is hidden here, Brontosaurus,Tyrranosaurus, Pterosaurus and many more)* Ice cream (Yummy and colorful, in a cone, or in a bowl, it can'tget any tastier than this)* Luggage (Going somewhere? Your kids will get busy with paintingsuitcases and backpacks while you do all the packing)* Shoes & Socks (Who's for a walk? Put your best shoes on andyou're good to go)* Monsters (you won't find cuter monsters in any other game on themarket, you'll love them all)* Animals (wild animals, farm animals, insects or birds, we've goteverything)* Ball (for your athletic kids, do they like basketball, football,baseball, tennis, you name it...)* Beach (palm trees, boats, beach, sand castles, you nameit...)* Cakes (the yummiest of all, if you like cakes, muffins and allsorts of desserts you'll love this one)* Cars (bus, truck, bike, all sorts of transportation are in thistheme)* Clothes (do you prefer boys clothes, girls clothes, shoes ormaybe even accessories)* Flowers (yes, your girls will love it, bouquets, roses,wildflowers, such a romantic theme)* Fruits (from apples and oranges to bananas and grapes, lovelyillustrations that will awaken your appetite)and many more...Features:* 4 Amazing textures representing real brushes, markers, colorpencils and crayons with different sizes to choose from* Slider color picker representing a vibrant 68 - colorpallet* Start over with your painting in just one click or erase itpartially, whichever works best for you* Save your painting to the gallery and edit later* Cool music which you can turn on/off* Built-in gallery to store all the coloring masterpieces &share them with friends and family* Showcase your art on our Art Wall of Fame :)Privacy Disclosure:As parents ourselves, iAbuzz takes children's wellness and privacyvery seriously. Our app:* Does not contain links to social networks* Does not contain any advertising* Does not collect personal dataFeedback Please:If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we could furtherimprove the design and interaction of our apps and games, pleasevisit our website http://iabuzz.com/ or leave us a message atkids@iabuzz.com. We would beglad to hear from you as we are committed to update all of our appsand games on a regular basis with new features and also want to getsome ideas for future app development.* All the drawing illustrations in this game are created byiAbuzz, and all their copyright belongs solely to Abuzz D.O.O.Macedonia.
Free 180 Puzzles for Kids 1.1.1 APK
Chunky wooden blocks are favourite of kindergarten children.Afterthe success of our “3D Puzzle Blocks” series, we have nowgroupedthe 7 themes into a Jumbo app – ALL-IN-ONE. It's enrichedwithpronunciations to develop vocabulary. Try out this funeducationalapplication with your little ones including toddlers.These puzzles will not only keep your preschoolersentertainedfor hours but they will also build their vocabulary andmemorywhile developing spatial, motor and cognitive skills.Learning newthings can be very fun through play and we know thatthe best.Themes:Animals - Our most popular puzzle of all, 30 silly animals toplaywith – horse, cow, pig, sheep, duck, chicken, donkey, dog,cat,rabbit, bee, butterfly, mouse, peacock, monkey, owl, fish,dolphin,penguin, frog, panda, giraffe, lion, tiger, elephant, bear,camel,tortoise, crocodile and zebra.Food - You'll find Tasty fruits, Yummy vegetables and everythingyoucan eat for breakfast bundled up in this "delicious"puzzle.Bathroom - It's time to take a Bath. Your kid will learnnumerouspronunciations, from his favorite bath toy - the rubberduck, tothe loud washing machine that makes everyone's clothesclean.Kitchen - Someone wants to help while mommy is making lunchorbaking cookies, well why not play with our Kitchen puzzleinsteadwhile mum is busy.Furniture - All that furniture you need to remember, it cangetpretty difficult for your little ones, this puzzle can helpthemmemorize all the things around the home through fun andplay.Cars - Who's for a ride? You'll find 30 different vehiclesandtransportation means in this amazing puzzle. You think yourboysknow all of them? Think again :)Tools - This is a puzzle to play with dad, be a little handymanandlearn all the names of tools used around the house andgarage.Features:180 different puzzles, each assembled of four 3D threedimensionalwooden blocks.Realistic flip or turning effect of puzzle blocks.15 Languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French,German,Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,Spanish,Turkish, Ukrainian.Simple & intuitive child friendly interface.High quality cute graphics and pictures.Sweet background melodies and tunes.Bonus balloon-pop game & happy cheering and encouragementaftereach correctly solved puzzle.Privacy Disclosure:As parents ourselves, iAbuzz takes children's wellness andprivacyvery seriously. Our app:• Does not contain links for social media sharing• Does not collect personal dataFeedback Please:If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we couldfurtherimprove the design and interaction of our apps and games,pleasevisit our website http://iabuzz.com/ or leave us a messageatkids@iabuzz.com. We wouldbeglad to hear from you as we are committed to update all of ourappsand games on a regular basis with new features and also want togetsome ideas for future app development.
Kitchen Blocks Puzzle for Kids 1.5.2 APK
These 3d building blocks will keep your littleboys and girls entertained while teaching them kitchen first wordsand pronunciations. Watch your children learn all the names ofnumerous home kitchen utensils, food preparation, cookingaccessories and many more items that are used in the house everyday just by playing with these rolling cubes.A pleasant voice will always encourage and praise your kids andmotivate them to continue to build their vocabulary, memory,spelling, matching, tactile, fine motor and cognitive skills. Thiseducational game is enriched with animations, sounds andinteractivity for repeat playing and learning.Features:* Realistic flip or turning effect of puzzle cubes.* 28 different languages and pronunciations - English, Afrikaans,Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German,Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian,Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish,Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.* 60 different puzzles, each assembled of four 3D blocks.* Simple and easy navigation between different objects.* Cute images and sweet background melodies.* Star animation, balloons popping and happy cheering after eachcorrectly solved puzzle.* The theme of this 3D Puzzle is ‘Kitchen’, check our other appsfor more themes like ‘Animals’, 'Food' and 'Cars'.Privacy Disclosure:As parents ourselves, iAbuzz takes children's wellness and privacyvery seriously. Our app:• Does not contain links to social networks• Does not contain any in-app purchases• Does not collect personal dataBut yes, it does contain advertising as that’s our means ofproviding the app free of cost to you – the ads are carefullyplaced such that the kid is least likely to click on it whileplaying.Feedback Please:If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we could furtherimprove the design and interaction of our apps and games, pleasevisit our website http://iabuzz.com/ or leave us a message atkids@iabuzz.com. We would beglad to hear from you as we are committed to update all of our appsand games on a regular basis with new free features.
Robot game for preschool kids 3.0.0 APK
Get creative and make your own cartoon Robots by adding andmatching odd objects from the house and garage. This free puzzleand maze style app can be educational or simply extra fun. You willbe learning or improving skills such as problem solving; quickdecision making; creative and flexible thinking; fine-motor andworking-memory skills; and hand-eye coordination. You can make aheart out of a fan, head out of a light bulb, face out of a radio,head out of a tin can, hair out of broom, heart out of a clock,legs out of springs, body out of building blocks, heart out ofanimal dog bone, body out of soft toy, head out of a helmet, bodyout of dart board, horns out of animal antennae, etc. With yourimagination and over 200 parts (garden tools, rusty gear, toys youplay with, common home objects) to combine, the build possibilitiesare endless. Join the legs, body, arms and head - and bring themechanical robot to life! Then race the Bot in a child's room,finding your way through the building blocks, toy cars, bouncingballs, musical instruments, etc. Fly, jump, bounce, changedirections, speed up - make sure your Robot is built perfectly. Onyour way collect the 3 stars and find the red door to meet yourfriend robot. Or you can choose the Solar System, but be careful ofthe obstacles in the form of spaceships, comet, astronaut,satellite, etc. Move up and down, right or left and catch thestars. And if you hit any of the obstacles then your robot partscan break. So look out for the shield and get it to have aprotective layer around and nothing can hit the robot then. TheBlueprint theme is the newest addition to our game. Fly yourcartoon Robot around the maze to reach the trophy and collect threestars o your way. But do not get too cozy as you have some rocks,planets, rockets, spaceships and UFO to stop you from reaching yourgoal. Then we also added the Racing game. Four tracks, three starsand many robot obstacles is what you will get. Fly high in the skyand change lanes by simply placing your finger where you want togo. There are other Robots racing with you and so be careful not tobump into them. This educational puzzle game is action packed withfunny animations, cute graphics, robo-balloons to pop, uniquebackground music, etc. - all to make you have great fun while youare playing and learning. Privacy Disclosure: As parents ourselves,iAbuzz takes children's wellness and privacy very seriously. Ourapp, does not collect personal data or connect to social mediawebsites. Feedback Please: If you have any feedback and suggestionson how we could further improve the design and interaction of ourapps and games, please visit our website www.iabuzz.com or leave usa message at kids@iabuzz.com