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Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast ofSaint Valentine, is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14. Itoriginated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honoring oneor more early saints named Valentinus, and is recognized as asignificant cultural and commercial celebration in many regionsaround the world, although it is not a public holiday in anycountry.Several martyrdom stories associated with the variousValentines that were connected to February 14 were added to latermartyrologies, including a popular hagiographical account of SaintValentine of Rome which indicated he was imprisoned for performingweddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and forministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the RomanEmpire. According to legend, during his imprisonment, SaintValentine healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius, and beforehis execution, he wrote her a letter signed "Your Valentine" as afarewell.The day first became associated with romantic love withinthe circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century, when thetradition of courtly love flourished. In 18th-century England, itevolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love foreach other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, andsending greeting cards (known as "valentines"). In Europe, SaintValentine's Keys are given to lovers "as a romantic symbol and aninvitation to unlock the giver’s heart", as well as to children, inorder to ward off epilepsy (called Saint Valentine'sMalady).Valentine's Day symbols that are used today include theheart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid.Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way tomass-produced greeting cards.Valentine Day SMS or Valentines DayWishes or Happy Valentine Day Message expressing your love becomesquite easier now a days, as you can simple send a lovely love smsor a Valentine Day SMS message to your valentine from ourprecomposed sms messages collection. Most of peoples pickup theirvalentine day sms messages from our library and shoot it to theirlove / beloved. But now you can explore our magnificent collectionof Valentine special SMS! It gives you plenty of options to send aValentine message matching the relation you share with others.Valentine's Day SMS is the most expressive and easy way to showyour heartiest feeling. You may just choose and send these lovelyValentine messages to all your dear ones. You can also send us someinteresting and sweet romantic valentines messages and help usenrich our collection!Disclaimer:We do not claim ownership of anypictures. Which have been gathered from the internet if you belongto any image. And want it removed, or we can make you a creditpicture. Please email them to us. We are happy to resolve it assoon as possible.

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The good-morning is a weight-lifting exercise. It is known as agood morning because of the movement in the erector spinae whichresembles the rise out of bed to stretch. The erector spinaemuscles of the lower back work isometrically to keep the spine inan extended position while the hamstrings and gluteus maximus workisotonically to perform hip extension. Other muscles are involvedin stabilizing weight on the back and maintaining balance.Thedegree of knee bend used will change the focus. The straighter theknees, the more the hamstrings are stretched and stressed by themovement and this stretch involves them more as the hip extensors.Bent knees can shift the weight forward, which allows the pelvis todrift back further as the body hinges in hip flexion.Beginning yourday by sending good morning wishes to your lovers, friends orsomeone who you care.There are a lot of awesome good morning quotes, poem, saying, message, image card, sticker and picture to makethem special everyday or start the day with our inspiration quotesthat is another good way to motivate them to start a new beautifulday!!Good morning SMS messages, Hindi good morning sms messages,morning sms messages, fabulous greetings msg to send friends,girlfriend, girl, lovely ppl.Good Morning SMS, New Good MorningSMS, Best Good Morning SMS, Good Morning Messages, Good MorningShayari, Latest Good Morning Wishes, ...Good Morning Wishes App haslots of greeting that you can send to your Relatives and friends.An Application has Good morning Images for Friends, Sweatheart,coffee, Morning Quotes, Flower, Nature etc.♥ Now begins yourday by sending good morning wishes to your friends, lovers orsomeone else.♥ ★The application have specific section of goodmorning image for friends, lovers.★The application also have goodmorning smiley user can send to any one.★Application also providesome awesome and inspirational morning quotes which user can shareto peoples to inspire them.★Users can share every HD image viaFacebook,Hike, WHATS-APP, Hike,Bluetooth, AllShare, converttopdf,Google+ etc.....★Slide the screen to move to nextimage.....★Optimized,Very fast and Easy to use......Legal:- Imagesmay copyright to their respective owners.- Any legal owner personfound any violence of your rights, please write us topatelnikunjmca93@gmail.com with image for withdrawing imageimmediately.
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New Year is the time at which a new calendar year begins and thecalendar's year count increments by one. Many cultures celebratethe event in some manner.The New Year of the Gregorian calendar,today mostly in use, falls on 1 January (New Year's Day), as wasthe case both in the old Roman calendar and in the Julian calendarthat succeeded it. The order of months was January to December inthe Old Roman calendar during the reign of King Numa Pompilius inabout 700 BCE, according to Plutarch and Macrobius, and has been incontinuous use since that time. Many countries, such as the CzechRepublic, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the United States, mark 1January as a national holiday.During the Middle Ages in westernEurope, while the Julian calendar was still in use, authoritiesmoved New Year's Day variously, depending upon locale, to one ofseveral other days, among them: 1 March, 25 March, Easter, 1September, and 25 December. These New Year's Day changes generallyreverted to using January 1 before or during the various localadoptions of the Gregorian calendar, beginning in 1582. The changefrom March 25 - Lady Day, one of the four quarter days - to January1 took place in Scotland in 1600, before the ascension of James VIof Scotland to the throne of England in 1603 and well before theformation of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707. In England andWales (and in all British dominions, including Britain's Americancolonies), 1751 began on March 25 and lasted 282 days, and 1752began on January 1.For more information about the changeover fromthe Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar and the effect on thedating of historical events etc., see Old Style and New Styledates.New Year 2018 SMS. Send new year 2018 wishes and massage toyour friend, colleagues, loved one and relatives.New Year Sms 2018is an app by which you can send New Year Sms to your friends andfamily.This App contains world largest collection of New Year 2018SMS, Christmas Wishes, Hindi SMS, Hindi Shayari, Hindi Status AndHindi Quotes.This app is free for every one. Lots of Categories arein one app.This app helps you for wishing a happy New Year to yourfamily and friends. It's contains several nice sms & wishes.Just choose a message by swapping on device, read it &share.Happy New Year 2018 Status, SMS, Messages. New Year 2018Images, Quotes, Wishes & Greeting. New Year 2018 Wallpaper.
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Lohri is near to come within a week. People always get crazy aboutfestivals. Nowadays, social media is very popular to wish relativesand friends. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp are commonlyused to share wishes and pictures. People prefer to send wishesthrough images. Here, we are come to solve your problem. You canfind the best Lohri images, greetings and pictures here. Get allthese pictures and images with high definition. Browse our greatcollection of lohri pictures and choose your favorite to send torelatives or friends. Also, share these on Facebook with justsimple methods.If you want to some animation pictures to wish yourdear ones then here you can get all type of images. You can simplydeliver your message through these images or wallpapers. Getbenefit to use images with quotes, sms, messages, quotes inPunjabi/Hindi etc.
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Pongal is a four-days-long harvest festival celebrated in TamilNadu, a southern state of India. For as long as people have beenplanting and gathering food, there has been some form of harvestfestival. Pongal, one of the most important popular Hindu festivalsof the year. This four-day festival of thanksgiving to nature takesits name from the Tamil word meaning "to boil" and is held in themonth of Thai (January-February) during the season when rice andother cereals, sugar-cane, and turmeric (an essential ingredient inTamil cooking) are harvested.Mid-January is an important time inthe Tamil calendar. The harvest festival, Pongal, falls typicallyon the 14th or the 15th of January and is the quintessential 'TamilFestival'. Pongal is a harvest festival, a traditional occasion forgiving thanks to nature, for celebrating the life cycles that giveus grain. Tamilians say 'Thai pirandhaal vazhi pirakkum', andbelieve that knotty family problems will be solved with the adventof the Tamil month Thai that begins on Pongal day. This istraditionally the month of weddings. This is not a surprise in alargely agricultural community - the riches gained from a goodharvest form the economic basis for expensive family occasions likeweddings.Happy Pongal Greetings Quotes SMS in Telugu.Pongal Statuswishes In Tamil, hindi and English Language Collection is givenbelow.Happy Pongal Images .