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Win BIG at your next casino trip by playing this Blackjack app,with the best casino-style experience. Learn to master the mostpopular card game found in casinos all over the world, from thebest Blackjack developer on Google Play. REAL BLACKJACK STRATEGYThere’s more to this Blackjack app than just Hit or Stand. Justlike a real casino, you have the option to split, double down, andeven take insurance! MULTIPLE TABLE OPTIONS Think you’re ready toplay with the High Rollers? Try your hand in the high stakestables! Start with Beginner’s Luck and work your way up to ThePenthouse! MORE BLACKJACK FEATURES • Option to play 1 to 8 decks •Come back every few hours for BONUS chips • Toggle strategic Adviceon or off to get real-time feedback as you play • Toggle“Insurance” and “Surrender” on or off Download Blackjack today andmaster your game! DISCLAIMER • The games are intended for an adultaudience. • The games do not offer "real money gambling" or anopportunity to win real money or prizes. • Practice or success atsocial casino gaming does not imply future success at "real moneygambling." For answers to frequently asked questions, head over tohttp://www.mobilityware.com/support.php LIKE US on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/mw.blackjack/ FOLLOW US on Twitter@mobilityware Created and supported by MobilityWare

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Solitaire APK
Solitaire by MobilityWare is the original Solitaire game forAndroid devices! Klondike Patience has never been better! Join over100 million users playing our Solitaire for Android! Our version ofSolitaire is free and is the most popular in the Play Store! Trainyour brain with our Daily Challenges for a new Solitaire experienceeach & every day. Download now to play the best classicSolitaire card game on Android now! SOLITAIRE BY MOBILITYWAREFEATURES: Fun Addicting Games of Classic Klondike & PatienceSolitaire ♠ Play different versions of Klondike solitaire,including draw 1 card Klondike Solitaire or classic draw 3 cardKlondike Solitaire! ♠ Winning Deals: Never let the challenge of thegame get too great! But beware, you will still have to find theright moves to beat the challenge! ♠Try all the addicting uniqueways to train your brain with the classic game of Klondike! PlayChallenging Games & Unlock New Challenges Each Day ♥ Challengeskeep the classic game of Klondike solitaire new every time. Neverrun out of new puzzles and ways to train your brain! ♥ Always Free- Play unlimited games every day for a unique, challenging game!Classic Games, Modern Options ♣ Statistics tracker: track yourprogress across several games of Klondike, and study your playstyle to get even better at solving puzzles! ♣ Customize the cards& tables to play with your own style! ♣ Play online or take thechallenge offline with random deals. No WIFI required to playanywhere for free! ♣ Remove the Menu and Status bar to makenavigation easier on Devices which utilize Android’s Navigation Bar(requires Android 4.4 or above) Multiplayer & Leaderboards ♥Brag about your scores and show off to your friends with theleaderboards included in game! ♥ Race against the world when youplay with others in multiplayer! Train your brain and solve eachDaily Challenge to receive a crown for that day. Earn trophies eachmonth by winning more crowns! Play our Daily Challenges andSolitaire free! The game is ad-supported, but only between deals.We don’t put ads on your playfield. LIKE US on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/mobilitywaresolitaire
Spider Solitaire APK
Spider Solitaire by Mobilityware is the ORIGINAL spider solitairecard game for android devices! Join over 100 million users playingour Spider Solitaire today. Our classic card game, SpiderSolitaire, is FREE to play. We consistently update the game withfun & relaxing new features to keep this classic game fresh.Train your brain by completing fun Daily Challenges & Goals,where you earn trophies. The more puzzles you solve, the moretrophies you earn. New Card Themes: Our Spider Solitaire card gamehas new & fun card themes that you can play with. Customizeyour card back, card face, and game background with fun, new, &relaxing themes. Make Spider Solitaire feel like a uniqueexperience you will love. Spider Solitaire is a solitaire game thatrequires you to stack each card of a suit in descending order tosolve the puzzles. Choose to play games with 1 to 4 suits for yourpreferred difficulty. Try to play with 4 card suits to reallychallenge your brain! - Spider Solitaire Game Features – Fun, FreeCard Games of Classic Spider Solitaire - Classic, fun games ofSpider Solitiare - Play Spider Solitaire games with 1,2,3, 4 cardsuits - Cards come alive with stunning animations, flawlessgraphics and a classic/clean interface Play Spider Solitaire cardgames any time & place - Play Spider Solitaire offline. No WIFIrequired to play for free! - Adjust the number of card suits in thegame for faster gameplay - Unlimited Hints & Undos available ingame - Unrestricted Deal allows a player to deal cards even withempty slots - Winning Deal: Game is guaranteed to have 1 winningsolution. Who doesn’t like to win? Daily Challenges Gives You aChallenging New Puzzle Every Day - Play free and challenging dailychallenges & goals - Play new daily challenges & goals towin trophies - See how your score stacks up against others on theleaderboard The Best Spider Solitaire Game - In the App Store for10 Years - Track Your Spider Solitaire Stats - Spider Solitaire isa fun, addictive smash hit - Addictive, fun game levels that willkeep you coming back - Old school games with a modern feel What dousers think of our Spider Solitaire game? Top phrases across allour reviews are: “Addictive”, “Challenging”, “Easy to Play”,“Relaxing”, “Great Time Killer”, “best card game”. Should you playSpider Solitaire? If you like puzzles and classic games, thenSpider Solitaire is for you. It’s free, fun and easy to learn! Manygames come and go, but Spider Solitaire is one of those classicsthat will always be fun and challenging to play. Download the bestSpider Solitaire game today for free! For answers to frequentlyasked questions: http://www.mobilityware.com/support.php
FreeCell Solitaire APK
Play the BEST FreeCell Solitaire game on your Android device, madeby MobilityWare -- the #1 Solitaire and card game developer!FreeCell has a fresh new look on Google Play, featuring brand newgoals for you to reach! We’ve also updated scoring, including a newPersonal Best feature! Complete daily goals for XP! Level up andcollect over 300 exclusive titles! FreeCell Solitaire adds a newelement of strategy & puzzles to the classic solitaire cardgame formula. Plan and strategize each move as you use the fourfree cell spots as placeholders to solve the puzzle of movingcards! Stack all 52 cards from a standard deck to win! Just likeKlondike style games, you must move your cards by suit andascending order. Precision and strategy are key in completing theFreeCell puzzle! FREECELLSOLITAIRE FEATURES: Play the fun andrelaxing classic FreeCell Solitaire you know and love - Progressthrough challenging solitaire card puzzles with daily goals andchallenges! - The game will highlight what cards can be moved inthe stack of 52! - Choose between dragging and dropping cards ortapping on matches to make your moves! - The step by step tutorialswill help you level up your FreeCell game! - Use the auto completeto finish puzzles and games you’ve conquered! - Need help? Use theunlimited hints and undo to find a path through the challengingcard puzzle! The classic game you love, modernized for 2019! - Over300 titles to earn and collect! - Track your high scores acrossseveral games - Push for a new personal best with each card puzzleyou solve - improve your play with deep statistics from each gamePlay FreeCell how you want to - Over one million different gamesand card puzzles to solve! - Choose either portrait or landscape toplay - Never lose a game with save states, even when the appcloses! - Games stay fresh with random deals every time you play!Train your brain with classic daily puzzles and challenges – Forbeginners and pros alike, FreeCell Solitaire offers addicting brainteasing puzzles to solve and conquer! - Instructions are includedin the app. Use them to build the basis of your FreeCell Solitairestrategy! - Brain training with fun FreeCell Solitaire! Track yourstats in the app and share them with others on Facebook! LIKE US onFacebook http://www.facebook.com/mobilitywaresolitaire For FreeCellSolitaire support: http://www.mobilityware.com/support.php
TriPeaks Solitaire APK
TriPeaks Solitaire is a brand new card game experience, filled withfun logic puzzles from the makers of the #1 Solitaire game! Solvedeals and celebrate your TriPeaks victory with our exclusivewinning animations at the end of every deal. Our TriPeaks Solitairegame gives you unlimited and unrestricted card games, so you canplay to your heart’s content…no more waiting for the next TriPeakslevel to unlock! We are the original creators of Daily Challenges!Each day you’ll receive a unique Daily Challenge. Solve the DailyChallenge and receive a crown for that day. Earn trophies eachmonth by winning more crowns! Your Daily Challenges, crowns, andcurrent trophy status are available to view any time. Play thecurrent day’s deal and replay it as many times as you’d like onthat day. Solitaire fans and cards games fans will fall in lovewith this new TriPeaks Solitaire experience! TRIPEAKS SOLITAIREFEATURES: FREE CARD GAMES • Free games of TriPeaks Solitaire, nowjust a tap away! • Card games fans will love TriPeaks Solitaire! Doyou play Patience, Pyramid or Spider Solitaire? Give TriPeaksSolitaire a shot! CARD DEALS • There is TriPeaks Solitaireauthenticity and fairness in every deal! Get unlimited deals forSolitaire fun anytime. • Random deals mean each hand is fresh. MINDGAMES • Brain training is fun and easy with TriPeaks Solitaire! Canyou solve each Solitaire puzzle? SOLITAIRE CUSTOMIZATION • Cardgames come to life with exciting animations • TriPeaks Solitaire issimple and fun, with Undo & Hints so everyone can play • Switchbetween landscape and portrait views Free Solitaire games come toyour Android with TriPeaks Solitaire! Fans of logic puzzles,Patience, Pyramid, Spider Solitaire and other card games will loveit! Download TriPeaks Solitaire today! HOW TO PLAY It’s quick andeasy to learn: tap a card that is one value higher or lower thanyour active card to move it off the table. If there are no validmoves, tap on the row of cards next to your active card to get anew card. Climb your way up the peaks by clearing all the cards offyour table! ________________________________________ LIKE US onFacebook http://www.facebook.com/mobilitywaresolitaire For answersto frequently asked questions, head over tohttp://www.mobilityware.com/support.php For the latest info on whatwe are up to, check out http://www.Mobilityware.com Created andsupported by MobilityWare
Pyramid Solitaire APK
Pyramid Solitaire by MobilityWare is the original Pyramid Solitairegame for Android devices! Play the Tut’s Tomb game you remember!Download the classic Pyramid Solitaire game for Android! Ourversion of Tut’s Tomb is free and is #1 in the Play Store!Challenge your brain with our Daily Challenges for a new Pyramidpuzzle each & every day. Download now to play the best and mostpopular Pyramid Solitaire card game on Android now! PYRAMIDSOLITAIRE BY MOBILITYWARE FEATURES: Fun challenging Games ofClassic Pyramid Solitaire - Play the game of Pyramid Solitaire orTut’s Tomb you know and love! - Winning Deals: Never let thechallenge of the game get too great! But beware, you will stillhave to find the right moves to beat the challenge! -Try all theaddicting unique challenges to train your brain with the classicgame of Pyramid Solitaire! Play Challenging Games & Unlock NewChallenges Each Day - Challenges keep the classic game of PyramidSolitaire new every time. Never run out of new challenges to testand challenge your skills! - Play random deals to keep - AlwaysFree - Play unlimited games every day for a unique, challenginggame! Classic Games, Modern Options - Statistics tracker: Trackyour progress across your Pyramid games to build out new strategiesto break through the Pyramid puzzle! - Customize card faces andplay fields to make the game of Tut’s Tomb your own! - Play onlineor take the challenge offline with random deals. No WIFI requiredto play anywhere for free! - Use unlimited Undos and hints to findthe way through the puzzle of Tut’s Tomb - Remove the Menu andStatus bar to make navigation easier on Devices which utilizeAndroid’s Navigation Bar (requires Android 4.4 or above) Train yourbrain and solve each Daily Challenge to receive a crown for thatday. Earn trophies each month by winning more crowns! Play ourDaily Challenges in Pyramid Solitaire free! The game isad-supported, but only between deals. We don’t put ads on yourplayfield. LIKE US on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/mobilitywaregames/ Created and supportedby MobilityWare
com.voldaran.puzzle.graBLOX 3.4 APK
Use the unique powers of graBLOX to help these little aliens gethome. This dangerously challenging puzzle game will have youscratching your noggin and picking your brain for hours! Thepremise is simple: remove all the BLOX from the board. Since eachBLOX behaves and reacts differently, only those with the cleveresttricks will be able to solve all the puzzles. Think you’ve got whatit takes to think outside the BLOX? And NOW, you can create yourOWN levels using the graBLOX Level Builder! Use any of the BLOX tocreate your own levels. Send your levels to your friends, or sendthem to us and you could see a level with your name on it in afuture update!